Review of Gold Photothermal Therapy treatment by Clifford Aesthetics

When I get stressed, my face will break out into facial acne and it is very frustrating as it will leave blemishes. When I told Dr Gerard Ee from Clifford Aesthetics about this, he suggested Gold PTT treatment to address facial acne.

The clinic assistant did a thorough cleansing of my face before massaging the gold nanoparticles into the skin. These will penetrate the pores and sebaceous follicles. After which Bellasonic Ultrasound was used to pulse the gold particles into the oil glands.

After which Dr Ee used laser treatment to heat up the gold and the oil glands. The gold nanoparticles will be activated upon the light to create a focused photo-thermal effect that decreases the activity level of the sebaceous gland and follicle. As such, excessive oil and clogged pores are prevented which eliminates the formation of acne.

The whole procedure took about 30 to 45 mins.

I started to see improvements on my acne breakouts around a few weeks and my skin didn’t breakout as badly compared to last time.

The Gold PPT treatment was very comfortable with no downtime so I could go out after the visit to Clifford Aesthetics.

Thank goodness for Gold PTT treatment, my skin is cleared of acne and breakouts. If you are keen to try this, below are the details of The Clifford Clinic:

24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
(Exit A from Raffles MRT)

Tel: + (65) 6532 2400 or Whatsapp:+ (65) 8318 6332

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