Advertorial: 3D Nano Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Colouring at The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist on 8 Dec 2015

Drawing eyebrows everyday is a thing of the past now that I had done the 3D nano Korean eyebrow embroidery colouring at The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist located at Pacific Plaza #03-08.  The company has another outlet at Suntec City Tower 2 #02-488 as well.

The newly opened Suntec Mall outlet is just as beautiful as the Pacific Plaza Outlet.  I love the royalty feel.  Anyone can feel like a princess there!

When I reached the Pacific Plaza outlet, I was warmly greeted with a warm cup of tea with biscuits.  The Eyebrow & Lash Specialist, Wendy and Tracy were very friendly and gave me a form to fill up my details, before we proceeded to discuss the eyebrow shape which is most suitable for me.

This was my untouched eyebrows. I did eyebrow embroidery at another salon about 10 months ago and my eyebrows were getting out of shape.  Christmas is coming so I thought it would be a great idea to whip them back in shape… lol.

I told Wendy and Tracy that I love the Korean style of eyebrows which are the very straight sleek and thick type and both agreed that I could take that shape as my face is small and oval shaped.

Tracy started off by using makeup remover to remove any makeup that could be on my eyebrows and clean up the area.
Afterwhich, she proceeded to draw out the Korean straight eyebrow shape which I requested to show me how I would look like after the eyebrow embroidery was done.

Tracy created the outline first and asked me if I was satisfied with the shape.

Afterwhich, she proceeded to fill the eyebrows up with eyebrow colour using eyebrow pencil to show up up my brows would look like.  Once I confirmed the shape, I was led to the treatment room to get my eyebrows embroidered.

 I told Wendy and Tracy to go as dark as possible for my eyebrow embroidery colour as I have oily skin and the colour may fade away faster than people with normal skin type.

The first step was to apply numbing cream on both my eyebrows for 20 mins.

Afterwhich, Wendy proceeded with the 3D Nano Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Colouring.

Stroke by stroke, colour was added to my eyebrows to create that 3D effect.

Thanks to the numbing cream, I didn’t experience much pain.  When I started to feel a bit of prickling sensation, I would let Wendy know and she would put some numbing cream, before she proceeded with the eyebrow embroidery.

Some dark brown colouring was applied to my eyebrows for 20 mins during the next step.  I looked like “蜡笔小新” at this stage… hahaha!

20 mins later, Tracy wiped away the excess colouring, took a look at my eyebrows again and touched up on certain parts.

Yeah…. now my eyebrows looked so well groomed and I won’t need to spend too much time drawing my eyebrows!

Thanks to Wendy and Tracy for doing the 3D Nano Korean Eyebrow Embroidery for me!  Photo taking time with Tracy, who studied in Korea and took up the Korean Eyebrow Embroidery course there and worked in Korea for 3 years as an eyebrow specialist before coming to Singapore to work.

This is Wendy, with a belt of experience in eyebrow embroidery and lash extensions.

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