Advertorial: A Trip to the Trick Eye Museum: Where Seeing is Not Believing

The best way to see if you are born an actor or actress is to visit the Trick Eye Museum and try to enact the emotions and expressions one should have if you are part of the master artpieces.  You can also test how good your photography skill is by taking the most creative angles for the photos.

I have been to the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul and it was so amazing when you see the photos… you can either laugh at yourself for having so much fun in the photos or be amazed at yourself for being able to portray such realistic poses that you looked like you are part of the artwork.

So when Trick Eye Museum and The Influencer Network organised an event and invited me to take a look and have fun in the Trick Eye Museum, I jumped at this opportunity immediately as I haven’t been to it yet and would love to take some photos there to challenge myself to see how good or bad I was in the facial expression department… lol.

Trick Eye Museum is globally recognized for its art technique in transforming 2D paintings and sculptures into the effect of 3D optical illusion.  Follow me as I ventured into the Trick Eye Museum located in Resorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway, 098138.

Hey Baby, don’t fart.  Mummy is trying to change your diaper!

Help… I am submerged in a pail of paint!

Don’t worry… I will get you out of the container!

Let’s dance the whole night!
Chilling with a cocktail in the park
Excuse me Sir, I am lost.  Do you know the direction to Arc de Triomphe?
I will go anywhere you go
My remains…
My stomach thinks better
Mummy, which brand of milk powder did you feed me?!
Help… I am trapped.  Someone rescue me please!
Soon to be fish meal.
A race against time
I will raise up again
Meditation at its best
Trapped in a crystal ball
Where the hell am I?
Ooooh… that muscular chest…  
Wear it back before anyone sees it
Feeling the child in me
Who bought such a cute teddy for me?
Time for a rest… goodnight
Balancing act
I gave her warmth
The Little Mermaid decided that being underwater is better than growing two legs and go on land.
Being high on the chair
Let’s ride off to Fantasy Land!
Where did this giant come from?
Learning ballet 
Didn’t realise I can be this flexible at this age

Wow… I have finally overcome my fear of height!

I had so much fun at the Trick Eye Museum that I strongly encourage everyone to visit this one day.

Trick Eye Museum Singapore is open all year round from Monday to Sunday, 10am-9pm (last admission is at 8pm).

To find out more about the ticketing fees and the different packages, you can also visit

If you run out of ideas where to celebrate Christmas or New Year, bring your friends, family and loved ones for a fun filled adventure at the Trick Eye Museum.  You won’t regret it!

Elaine Heng