Advertorial: HiFu AgeTite Treatment at Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic on 2 Dec 2015

I’m super blessed this Christmas as I am pampered by many sponsors who want to make me look younger and happier.  Being a single mum is never easy, having to take care of two active boys and working hard on my businesses. It does take a toll on me and of course, time and tide wait for no man.  Aging is setting in and you can tell from the lines on my face , especially around the eyes and mouth.  I have a bit of sagging on the face and I know that it will also get obvious as time passes.

Thank goodness Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic approached me to try out HIFU AgeTite Treatment.

This is a non-surgical facelift that penetrates ultrasound energy deep into the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) layer via High Intensify Focused Ultrasound technology to acheive intense and tightening effect on the skin.
The SMAS layer is located between the subcutaneour fat and muscle (4.5mm beneath the fascia). When the skin ages, the SMAS layer weakens and gets lax due to gravity, thus causing the skin to loosen and wrinkles develops.

This ultrasound procedure shrinks SMAS layer by firing ultrasound shots with thermal energy to stimulate skin to regenerate collagen and elastin deep within the skin.

I went through a consultation with Dr Fin who explained how HIFU AgeTite works and also looked at my current condition of my skin.

I told Dr Fin my concern with regards to my nasolabial lines and asked him if we can reduce that and Dr Fin said yes, HiFu AgeTite can help with that!
 Dr Fin also mentioned that my face will look a bit more lifted up at the cheek area too.
Great… I was happy to hear what HiFu AgeTite Treatment can help with my face… yeah!

Some benefits of HiFu AgeTite which Dr Fin shared with me:

  • Non-invasive as it is not a plastic surgery procedure.  
  • No general anesthesia as patients are awake throughout the whole session
  • No infection and no bleeding as there is no cutting or snipping of the skin for the lifting effect
  • Generates enough energy to coagulate necrosis for regeneration
  • No harm nor damage when ultrasound passes through the skin tissue
  • Safe treatment as it has considerably less side effect than a surgical face lift
Before we proceed to the treatment room to start the HiFu AgeTite, we had some selfie fun time!  Dr Fin is a friendly doctor who listens to all your concerns and explains the treatments before you decide if the treatments are for you.

ok… time to proceed to the treatment room and see the HiFu machine in action. Come… follow me!

Dr Fin showed me my SMAS layer for the fun of it… hahaha!

Afterwhich, Dr Fin proceeded with the HiFu AgeTite Treatment.  A layer of gel was applied to half of my face first as we wanted to do half the face to show the lifting effect compared to the other half which would be untouched.  He said that the intensity of the treatment ranged from 1-10.  1 being the least intense and 10 being the most intense.  He started with a 8 as I told him I was not worried about any pain and I wanted to see the maximum lift if possible.

I was comfortable with 8 and he increased it to 10… woohoo!

And Dr Fin started to ‘zap’ my face.  I could feel the heat and tingling feeling but I was comfortable with it.

 Dr Fin treated the left side of my face to show me the difference.

 Tada!  Can you tell that my left side of my face has shrunk and looked more lifted?

 Dr Fin mentioned that flushed cheek is quite common after the treatment because of the heat.  I like the fact that I won’t need to apply any blusher after the treatment… lol.

 Next, Dr Fin proceeded to work on the right side of my face.

And we were done!  The procedure provides the immediate lifting effect by shrinking SMAS layer. The maximum effect usually appears approximately 2 months after the treatment when the collagen remodeling starts.

According to Dr Fin, treatment effect usually last from 6 months to 9 months depending on patients. He recommended 2 to 3 treatments a year for best results.

I felt some stiffness in the face on the second day and Dr Fin said it was normal and true enough, it disappeared on the third day.  I could also apply makeup right after the procedure.

Who should go for HiFu AgeTite Treatment?

  • Those who want a V-Line Lifting effect
  • Those with Double Chin & Droopy eyelids
  • People who are concerned about ageing
  • People looking for a non-surgical face lift 

 If you are keen to try HiFu AgeTite Treatment, Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic’s address is as below:
Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road #04-56
Singapore 238839
+65 6333 4566

 Thanks Dr Fin for the sponsored HiFu AgeTite Treatment!