Advertorial: JOYRE TCMedi Spa Therapy on 13 May 2016

Thanks to the good people in JOYRE TCMedi Spa, Kaiser boy and I were invited to try out The TCMedi Spa Therapy (also known as the Ancient Royal Herbs Bath) at JOYRE TCMedi SPA located at Blk 283, Bishan Street 22, #01-175.  This is also their flagship store.
When I told Kaiser a few days ago that mummy would be bringing him for a body massage, he was elated as that he told his teacher and his classmates that his mummy would be bringing him to one after school.  His teacher thought that Kaiser was pulling her leg and asked me if it was the case… hahaha!

Even though I do not lead a fairytale life, I am indeed a very blessed single mummy with many sponsors working together with me and pampering my boy with an amazing experience.  Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!
A photo together with Joselyn.  Awesome lady who helped me take care of Kaiser when it was my turn for the body massage.


Marking their 11th Year Anniversary milestone, the recently rebranded JOYRE has become a holistic healthcare brand in their own right, presenting a myriad of new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments that focus on creating healthy, lively and joyful family lives.
As a leading healthcare brand, JOYRE understands that modern day commitments and lifestyles have become the common cause of deterioration to the body.

And while a typical spa offers treatments like facials, massages, baths using basic ingredients, JOYRE’s treatments are a combination of proven TCM remedies with modern technology, complimented with specially selected Chinese herbs. 
Primarily focusing on young families and pregnant moms, JOYRE provides customised treatments based on their common physical constitutions and lifestyles.

Kaiser boy looking on as mummy filled up my details on the form before we went for our TCMedi Spa Therapy
The TCMedi Spa Therapy helps to remove body dampness, improve woman’s related ailments, detoxification, poor digestion, rheumatism & insomnia. It also helps in promoting blood circulation and strengthen the body immune system.

Getting ready to soak into the bath tub filled with herbal water
Using more than 10 different types of herbal remedies, Joyre are the first beauty group in Singapore specializing in the Millennium ancient herbs bath inherited from the Yao ethnic group ancestors.

The curious Kaiser looked at the bath tub filled with the herbal water and wondered what we would be doing next.
Kaiser was very curious with the big tub
Everyone said my Kaiser is so handsome, like a Korean star… lol.  

According to the masseur, the water temperature of the herbal bath is best kept at 40-42 degree celsius.

The water thermometer that comes in the shape of a fish.  

After we changed into our disposable undergarments, the first step was to have a soak in the herbal bath.

At first, my Kaiser boy didn’t dare to go into the tub as he was scared of the hot water.  So mummy had to demonstrate to him that it was ok by stepping into the tub first.  After cajoling him with the water thermometer that came in a fish shape, he decided to step into the tub but he didn’t dare to soak himself into the herbal water yet.

Kaiser playing happily with the water thermometer

 My Kaiser boy started playing catch the fishes game in the water.

I tried to help him get accustomed to the water temperature by pouring a bit of water on his body.
My Kaiser boy also helped to pour some herbal water onto me as well.

And finally he decided that it was more fun to be soaked in the water while trying to find the ‘fishes’. Mummy applauded him for his courage as this was the first time he tried hot herbal bath.

A round of applause for Kaiser!

Mummy entertained him with the toys so that he could stop moving around and remained soaked inside the bath tub to get the maximum benefits.

Why is it an advantage to soak in JOYRE TCMedi Spa herbal bath?  Let’s take a look at the origin.

For over a millennium, the recipe for this bath was passed down across generations, only to the women within the Yao ethnic group. It was with this bath that the caregivers kept themselves and their family healthy.

Over time, it received many revisions and improvements, with most renditions listing over 30 Chinese herbs.

Taking their own spin at improving the recipe, the JOYRE-improved concoction contains over 50 Chinese herbs, all carefully handpicked to treat all the organs in the body, by cleansing the body while washing away fatigue to restore vitality and health.

Frequent dips in this prized bath can even aid in countering gynaecological, rheumatism and skin diseases, insomnia and thyroid fever, while stimulating blood circulation, relaxing muscles and joints, wiping out fatigue and heightening resistance to the common cold while dispelling wind, dampness and common diseases.

To make the bath a more relaxing one, customers are free to get out of the bath for sips of complimenting herbal tea before getting back into it once again. 

After about 10 minutes, Kaiser boy went for his body massage while I continued to soak for another 5 mins, before I came out of the tub to drink a herbal drink before going back to the tub to soak into another freshly brew herbal concortion.  15 minutes later, I repeated the above procedure again.

According to the masseur, the hot herbal bath opens up the pores of the skin, allowing the goodness of the herbs to force the coldness out of the body.

Soaking happily in the big tub

While I was enjoying my herbal bath therapy before my massage, Kaiser boy was enjoying his body massage in another room.  Joselyn told me that Kaiser was very obedient and when the masseur asked him to lie down with his face facing down, he did that correctly.

I believe that body massage is very good for kids as it helps them to relax and improve blood circulation which is crucial for kids’ growth.

The masseur applying adequate pressure on Kaiser to improve his blood circulation

I too had my body massage after soaking into the herbal bath and it was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.  It had been a while since I had a body massage.  The experience was very enjoying as the masseur kneeled my knots and aches away.

The very happy mummy and son after the TCMedi Spa Therapy.  I felt totally relaxed and sleepy after my body massage and had a very good rest that night.  Kaiser slept well too.

If you are keen to experience JOYRE TCMedi Spa like we did, just quote “Elaine” to enjoy 50% off the JOYRE TCMedi Spa (U.P $398 Mum / $198 Child ) for all first time trial.

You can also check their website at to find out more with regarding to other treatments they offer.  Thanks Joyre for pampering me and Kaiser boy!