Advertorial: Review of Mucota 3 Step Hair Treatment at Kenjo Salon on 3 Jan 2016

I was back in Kenjo Salon, my hair sponsor on 3 Jan 2016 but this time round, I was there for its signature Mucota 3 Step Hair Treatment which promises smooth silky hair texture.  I couldn’t wait to try it out cos it was the start of 2016 and I wanted to start the new year looking great and well groomed.  Joseph, the owner of Kenjo Salon recommended this hair treatment for me as I had volume hair rebonding with C curls using Mucota products in December 2015 and this would be a great follow up to that.  Thanks Kenjo Salon and Joseph for sponsoring this Mucota 3 Step Hair Treatment!
Step 1:
After my hair was washed, the hair assistant used the Mucota Scena Adel which is the moisture base for treatment and applied it onto my hair.

Adel contains maltose-based Millet jelly and ceramide II to improve hair condition.  It keeps necessary moisture inside damaged hair, and creates best hair condition for treatment.

With its internal permeation typed moisture holding elements, Adel make hair soft and moist before next treatment which is Step 2.

After Adel was applied to my hair, my hair was steamed for about 20 mins.

I think I looked like a Star Wars movie character with the hair steamer over my hair… hahaha!

After the hair steaming, my hair was washed with shampoo before Step 2.

Step 2:
Mucota Scena Brava was used and this repairs damaged hair and keep it in better condition.  Brava contains 5 kinds of hair repair elements to repair various damages. Also, to keep these elements inside hair, Brava contains reactive ceramide-like ingredients, and it prevents them from flowing from hair.

Brava was sprayed onto my hair.

Step 3:
The final step is using Mucota Scena Calore to protect cuticle and get healthier hair.

Calore being applied onto my hair.  After repairing inside hair, Calore repairs cuticle damage to keep penetrated repair elements, and improve beautiful luster.  The two kinds of cuticle repair elements give hair silky texture and shining luster, and put outmost cuticle back to hydrophobic to protect hair from external damage.

After this application, my hair was steamed again to allow Calore to be better absorbed.

After the hair was steamed and washed, it was time to blow dry the hair.

Me and my beautiful hair stylist Soo Bin!

Seemed like my fringe was getting too long hence I asked Soo Bin to give it a bit of trim.

Snip Snip Snip… I love how she layered my fringe.

I am loving my hair after the Mucota 3 Step Hair Treatment.  Thanks Soo Bin for making my hair so pretty!

What a wonderful start to 2016 with soft and silky hair!

Kenjo Salon is located at 68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing).

Check out Kenjo Salon’s website at for more details on the services it provides.
You can also follow them at the facebook page살롱-293791920773570/.  The salon also has an instagram account : kenjosalon, where you can see photos of hairstyles created by Kenjo Salon.

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