Advertorial: Volume Rebonding with C Curls at Kenjo Salon on 24 November 2015

Gosh… It has been more than six months since I last trimmed and volume rebond my hair.  Finally decided to find a time to visit my hair salon sponsor Kenjo Salon to have a neater look for Christmas and coming New Year.

I had visit Kenjo Salon some time back to get my hair styled for Movie Makers 我要当导演 2015 Competition award ceremony and I loved it very much.  Read my blog post at

So of course I would find my favourite hairstylist, Soo Bin, when I went back to Kenjo Salon.  She’s such a pretty and sweet Korean lady that I can’t help but take photos with her, even before she started to work her magic on my hair.

After a discussion with her, we decided on just a bit of trimming of the hair as I wanted to keep it longer.  To keep my hair tidy and fuss free, volume rebonding with C curls using Mucota Omega Oil Therapy would be done after the hair trimming.

 Let’s take a last look at my messy hair ends before any hair treatment was done.

Soo Bin did a quick hair trim for me first, keeping the length for me.

Just look at the comfortable big space for customers to get their hair washed.

After my hair trim, I was given a hair wash before we start the volume hair rebonding.  The hair assistant tested the water temperature before rinsing my hair. Nice!

And the hair washing began.  So comfortable letting someone else washed my hair that I almost fell asleep… hahaha!

My hair was cleansed properly for the volume hair rebonding.

 I can’t wait to try out volume rebonding using Mucota Omega Oil Therapy as it gives hair a soft texture and ‘long-lasting gloss’.  It is a treatment agent from Japan and so far, only 20 plus salons in Singapore have the rights to use this.  I am so blessed to be able to try it.

But before any products were applied on my hair, Soo Bin and her assistant blow dried my hair first.

Taking photos of some of the products that will be used on my hair.

 Joseph, the salon owner, thought of a good idea to provide sealable pouches for customers to keep their earrings when they come for hair services.  That way, customers are assured that their earrings are not damaged by any hair chemicals.

First Step: Pre-treatment agent was applied to my hair.

This was the bottle of solution which was used.  Mucota CS+1 contains hair protecting treatment like cationic chitosan and meadowfoam oil and also protein repair ingredient like feather type keratine to protect hair from straightening and perming services.

Second step was to apply a softening agent. Soo Bin mixed these two products in the right formula for me based on my hair condition. 
These two products help to straighten new growth and unruly parts of the hair, while releasing stubborn curl from highly damaged parts and maintain straightness.

Soo Bin was testing if the hair is softened before the product is rinsed off.

ok… my hair was off for a rinse and after which hair conditioner was applied to it before it was rinsed away.

Third step was to apply keratin treatment using CS+2.

It has heat protection effect due to the following ingredient:
Shea Butter: protect the hair from dryness
Jojoba seed oil: high heat resistance and repeatedly heated to 285 degree celsius
Anti ultraviolet rays protect hair and repair damage.
Castor oil: highly emollient
Ion complex: protect hair from heat and achieve a luster and smooth feel that could never be obtained with ordinary straightening processes.

Afterwhich, Soo Bin and her assistant proceeded to blow dry my hair.

To achieve C curls at the bottom, Soo Bin used medium sized hair rollers on the ends of my hair.

Heat was applied to the hair for the curls to form.

After a certain timing, the hair rollers were removed and hairdryer was used to blow dry my hair.

A flat iron was used to straighten my hair.

Just look at the c curls at the ends of my hair… so happy!

This was how Soo Bin created the C curls for me.
Woah… I’m loving it!

It was time to create some volume at the roots using a small curling tong.

Fourth step was to apply neutraliser, SNB3.

Again, Soo Bin mixed the right combination for me using these two products.

After this step, my hair was washed to remove the neutraliser. 
Fifth step was to apply an after treatment product called CS+3 to condition my hair.  After which, it was rinsed off and my hair was blown dried and flat ironed again.

Tada… I was done.  Spent about 4 hours but it was worth it!

Selfie Time with Soo Bin!

A photo with the founder of Kenjo Salon, Joseph.  Thanks so much for sponsoring all my hair services!

If you like my results of volume hair rebonding with C curls using Mucota Omega Oil Therapy, you should visit Kenjo Salon as it is one of the few salons in Singapore offering this.

Kenjo Salon is located at 68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing).

Check out Kenjo Salon’s website at for more details on the services it provides.
You can also follow them at the facebook page살롱-293791920773570/.  The salon also has an instagram account : kenjosalon, where you can see photos of hairstyles created by Kenjo Salon.

Good News!

Kenjo Salon is now offering 15% off for first time customers as long as you quote ‘ElaineHeng’.  Give it a try… you won’t regret it.


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