AQUAGOLD Fine Touch at the Clifford Clinic

If you need instant skin rejuvenation, then do try AQUAGOLD Fine Touch. I just did it two weeks ago at The Clifford Clinic and I could see my skin glowing.

Kim Kardashian did the AQUAGOLD Fine Touch treatment before Met Gala and she loved it so much that she called it the Golden Cocktail Facial!

First, my face was cleaned, followed by applying a layer of numbing cream for half an hour before starting the treatment.

Dr Ee had concocted a custom solution for my treatment based on his assessment of my skin condition. I told him I wanted my skin to look fuller, radiant with smaller pore sizes.

Afterwhich, the clinic assistant used a micro-channeling device that delivers custom solution into the skin without any pain. This patented gold-plated micro-injection system helps to pump and rejuvenate skin and it works best for people with dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The device consists of 30 gold plated needles which is finer than a human hair and deliver multiple injections at one go. I would say that it is a painless procedure so for those who are scared of needles, don’t need to worry about it. Due to the unique design of the device, AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is suitable for all skin types and it can go close to areas around the eyes.

For those who want to know if there is any bleeding or excessive redness, I am happy to announce that there is no such thing at all.

AQUAGOLD’s needles are administered perpendicular to the skin, making the treatment gentle and efficient in delivering ingredients into the dermis, thus stimulating cellular renewal.

The AQUAGOLD Fine Touch treatment was completed within an hour with a massage, red and yellow LED light therapy and a soothing mask.

Red light therapy promotes faster cell growth to aid in wound healing and stimulates collagen production that is essential in keeping younger and firmer skin, while yellow light therapy soothes and calms the skin.

Check out the process in the video to see and understand more about AQUAGOLD Fine Touch.

I heard that this treatment is so popular that the Clifford Clinic keeps running out of stock for the devices. Those who are keen, you really need to secure your slot fast.

Below are the details of The Clifford Clinic:

24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
(Exit A from Raffles MRT)

Tel: + (65) 6532 2400 or Whatsapp:+ (65) 8318 6332

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  1. Hi Elaine,

    I chanced upon your blog while reading up on regeneva activa for hair growth and am interested myself to try the procedure.
    It’s been many months now since you tried it, could you share if it worked for you?
    Any before and after pics would be very helpful! Thanks!

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