Review of ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum

Let’s face it… who doesn’t mind looking younger and radiant?  When I heard that Fujifilm had launched ASTALIFT’s topline age-defying serum – the In-Focus Cellactive Serum, I was super curious to find out more due to two reasons.  Firstly, ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum revitalises skin’s stem cells by awakening skin’s innate healing power.  Secondly, Fujifilm is  well known for products such as photo imaging and digital products, data storage media, graphic arts, medical and life science products for more than 20 years in Singapore.  I am keen to know the range of beauty products which Fujifilm has developed.

The chance to know more about ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum came when i was invited to ASTALIFT’s third and largest boutique and roadshow on 27 Oct 2017.

During my visit in the store, Mr Jason Wong, the Regional Trainer from ASTALIFT, went through the following benefits of ASTALIFT In Focus Cellactive Serum.


Delays ageing and restores skin youth most effectively through stem cells

Re-energise stem cells to combat skin ageing like wrinkles and loss of elasticity while improving skin tone, radiance and softness.

Jason also emphasise the importance of using sunscreen and applied ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution SPF50+PA+++ on half of the face of one of the guests.  After that, all the guests went over to the ASTALIFT roadshow to take a look.

I really need to start taking good care of my skin. Based on Jason’s recommendation, ASTALIFT JELLY AQUARYSTA should be applied on bare skin after cleansing and before putting on lotion.  This jelly moisturizes the skin and keeps the skin moist, thereby helping to condition texture on the skin surface and achieve glowing, lustrous skin.


After applying ASTALIFT JELLY AQUARYSTA, we should apply ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum. Have you noticed that wounds that would have healed quickly when you were a child, now take a lot longer? Our skin has its own ability to heal itself. However, as we get older, the ability to repair and regenerate ourselves deteriorates.

With ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum, developed by Fujifilm to restore the original power that lies within the skin itself – stem cells, which replenish aged cells and tissues within the skin.

This serum is part water, part oil.  This sheer and lightweight gel melts into liquid on application to skin due to its ion sensing technology.

The serum transforms into a smooth and velvety texture that locks in moisture.  After that has dried, the light oil continues to moisturise the skin through the day.

The colour is very interesting as it was orange in colour but don’t worry, you won’t end up with a coloured face as the serum melts into a colourless liquid.

I love the scent of this serum.  It has the therapeutic scent of Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood.  It relieve stress as I apply the serum with its comforting scent.

Take 2-3 pumps of the serum onto your palm during your daily morning and evening skincare routines and spread it gently all over your face after applying ASTALIFT JELLY AQUARYSTA.

See how the skin takes on a more radiant and glowy look after application!  The serum forms a protective veil on the face as well to protect it from stress induced by UV exposure, free radicals and aging.

Find out more about ASTALIFT In-focus Cellactive Serum at

An important but Final step for your morning routine, is to apply ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution. It is a multi-functional beauty essence and make-up base offering five-way protection against the sun. Besides containing D-UV Guard, the proprietary UV protecting agent that offers advanced UV protection against Deep UVA rays to prevent “incidental sunburn”, the product also features the UV Action Capsule that bursts when exposed to UV rays to release a generous amount of beauty ingredients including the Vitamin C derivative. Due to its unique formulation, it is so light-weight that you can apply it on top of your makeup.

The product comes with the UV Sensor Cap that changes color when exposed to Deep UVA, to alert users of the presence of invisible UV rays.


If you also want to try ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum, all you need to do is to quote my name ‘ELAINE HENG’ and you can receive a 3-day sample at any of the following outlets, so hurry up before stocks run out!

  • ASTALIFT @ Wisma Atria #03-30
    Telephone Number: (+65) 6238-6386

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

  • ASTALIFT @ JEM #01-20
    Telephone Number: (+65) 6734-8860

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

  • ASTALIFT @ NEX #01-70
    Telephone Number: (+65) 6481-3937

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

Learn more about the In-focus Cellactive Serum HERE:

ASTALIFT @ NEX #01-70 was recently opened in NEX, the largest mall in the Northeast region of Singapore, 3rd new outlet as well.  Spanning 688 square feet, this shop features the brand’s signature red hue to signify the vibrancy and richness of ASTALIFT.

Inside this retail outlet, there is a skin analyser machine, where customers’ skin condition is analysed, so that relevant products can be recommended accordingly.  There are a wide range of beauty products to choose from so the skin analyser machine is so useful such that you can choose the correct range of ASTALIFT products.

Do drop by this ASTALIFT outlet or any of the other outlets to chat with the friendly consultants who can advise you on which products best suit you.