Beauty Show by Beauty Keeper organised by Sample Store on 2 April 2017

As a lifestyle influencer and image consultant, with a strong interest in the beauty topics and products, I was extremely excited to attend the first ever Beauty Show by Beauty Keeper organised by Sample Store.

It was hosted by Hossan Leong, one of Singapore’s most hilarious emcee and the audience had a fun time watching the show, while being entertained by him.

The Sample Store Beauty Show was held at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.  All invited beauty bloggers were treated to lunch at 11.45am when registration started.  Myself and my fellow influencer, Jonathan, who notified me about this event, reached there around 12 noon and took our lunch there, before checking out those beauty products which Beauty Keeper was going to showcase that day.

Sample Store Beauty Show started at 1.30pm with Hossan Leong singing a part of a Chinese song to kickstart the event.  It was kinda cute and interesting and immediately grabbed everyone’s attention.

The finalists of Sing!China Season 2 Singapore Selections Finalists also graced the event, even though they competed in the finals just yesterday.

The invited bloggers and public who bought the tickets to attend Sample Store Beauty Show had a chance to see skincare and makeup demonstrations by Candy Tiong, a celebrity makeup artiste, who used products which can be purchased from Beauty Keeper website,

Some of the products which Candy demonstrated on one of the Sing!China finalists, Alan, were Destino Advanced Repairing Face Soap, MD/AA Jiao Oil and Water Dual Balancing Gel, Userism Bright Whitening Ultra -Water Facial Mask.

Hossan played a game of guessing which hand belongs to a lady after getting 2 gentlemen and 1 lady to go on stage to cleanse their hands with Destino Advanced Repairing Face Soap.  And it was so funny… Alan thought that one of gentlemen’s hands was that of a lady’s!

That is how effective Destino Advanced Repairing Face Soap… no wonder Hossan said this is a ‘tai tai’ face soap.

 Next, Candy demonstrated how to apply makeup for a day to night look, using Userism D.D Cream SPF 50 Dynamic All-Daily Defense, Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew and All-Belle Natural Lash False Eyelashes.

My favourite part of the Beauty Show was when Candy showed us how to transform the day look into a night look.  I think iIt was definitely easy to do so with products available on

 For another Sing!China finalist, Candy demonstrated how to remove makeup using water and a special cloth called Skincare Towel.  Wow… super amazing!

 There were counters located at the back where the bloggers and public were seated so that we could take a look at some of the products available on and test them out too.

D.D Cream SPF 50 Dynamic All-Daily Defense

All-Belle Natural Lash

Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew

MA/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser and Lamsamyick Facial Mask Beauty Brush 

PHYTOPIA SlimWay Synergy and Stretch Marks Remover Synergy

ERH 20% Mandelic Acid White Emulsion
ERH Taiwan Aboriginal Series-B

Mollifix Hightlight A++ Upgraded Sports Bra

Look what I got in the goodie bag given out during The Sample Store Beauty Show!

I can’t wait to try out the MD/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Cleanser as the packaging  mentioned that it gently cleans while increases skin hydration and smoothness, tightens pores and controls oil secretion.

I also received the Starsuki Total Cleansing Eye and Lip Make-up Remover and this product is able to remove both water based and oil based eye and lip makeup well and at the same time, it is alcohol and fragrance free!  It also contains a layer of Royal Jelly that gently removes makeup and leave the skin soft and bright.

As a big fan of false eyelashes, I am so glad that I got the All Belle Unique Knitting Eyelashes.  They are made in Taiwan and sterilised by Medical Gamma Ray to meet the strict safety requirements of SGS.  Can’t wait to try them out!

Overall, it was an enjoyable Sunday afternoon learning about products available on and how to use them effectively.  Check out the products right now if you are keen to buy them.