Bestselling Author and Co-Creator of Mr Kaisu-Mr James Suresh Produces a SG50 illustrated Book, “Singapore in the 60s”

Was very honored to receive an invitation from The Influencer Network company to Bestselling author, James Suresh’s latest book launch, “Singapore in the 60s”, supporting by the SG50 Celebration Fund, on 25 June 2015.  For those who find his name familiar, he is the co-creator of the comic book, “Mr Kiasu”.

The venue of the book launch was held in Queenstown Primary School as it was Mr James Suresh’s Alma Mater.  Coincidentally, my sister and brother also graduated from this school.  I used to stay near Tanglin area hence my mum enrolled me into the defunct Tanglin Girls’ Primary School.  But it was closed down after a few years due to low enrollment.  Hence both my sister and brother were enrolled in Queenstown Primary School instead.  I remembered how early we had to wake up in the morning so that my mum could drive my sister and brother to Queenstown Primary School before dropping me at Raffles Girls’ Secondary School.  So as I drove towards Queenstown Primary School, memories came back and I remembered the school gate as my mum’s car entered the school compound.  Mum’s the best! She took up driving again as she didn’t want us to wake up in the wee hours early in the morning just to catch the school bus or public transport to go to school.  But she had to sacrifice her beauty sleep just to get us prepared and drive us there.

Anyways, the exact venue of the media launch for this book is in the library.  It is such an interesting but apt location for this launch.  Of all the events I have attended before, this is definitely one of the more unique venues.  I loved it as it has been such a long long long time since I graduated from primary school!

Dennis, the CEO of The Influence Network, hosted the event and did a wonderful job to ensure that the event run smoothly.

Mr James took over the mic and began his speech by thanking his guests and everyone who helped to make this book come true.  He is such a humble person even though he is best selling author of so many books already.  I always believed that the more successful a person is, the more humble he/she should be too and Mr James embodies this philosophy.  Salute him for that!

He also showed us slides on snippets of the book, many of which are scenarios which I was not familiar with as I wasn’t born in the 60s yet… lolx.  This illustrated book focuses on childhood memories when he grew up in Queenstown during the 1960s.  With this, he hopes to give young singaporeans a glimpse of what life was in the 60s.

As he went through the slides, I felt very touched by his sincere effort to provide a view of life in the heartlands with focus on everyday events like schooling, recreation, family activities, community interaction, entertainment and major events that took place in the 60s.  It was like a time journey back into my parents’s past and I was in awe, seeing what they went through.

I can still remember the 5 stones which we painstakingly made using clothes stitched together to form pockets in which we stuffed green beans or rice, the skipping rope which we used rubber bands to knot together to form it and hop scotch which we used chalk to draw on the floor.

The MP of Tanjong Pagar GRC, Dr Chia Shi-Lu was one of the VIPs who attended the book launch.

Radio personality,Brian Richmond was also there as one of the VIP guests to support Mr James.

Dr William Wan, Secretary General of the Singapore Kindness Movement, also gave a speech during the book launch.

Book signing ceremony by Mr James Suresh and Mr Syed, the illustrator of the book.  I can’t wait to get one of those books!

I also took photos with the wonderful people from The Influencer Network.

This is Dawn, Junior Digital Strategist and lifestyle blogger at  She is taking part in Miss DreamGirl SG. Please support her!

This is Kai Ting, intern and lifestyle blogger too.  She is recently crowned Face of Sony Xperia.  Check out her blog at  She is such a sweet girl with great plans ahead.  I enjoyed talking to her!

Alaska…Forgot to take photos with Shaun Owyeong, automobile and lifestyle blogger.  His blog is at  Very talented artist… This is his amazing drawing and he promised to draw an animation of me as well.  Bro, if you are reading this… myself and all my friends looking forward to seeing your drawing. 🙂

Blur me also forgot to take a photo with William Tan, awarding winning blogger and Blogger Manager at and Gerald Png, Digital Strategist and lifestyle blogger at  Do check out their interesting blogs.

And of course, the mastermind of this event, CEO of The Influencer Network, Dennis Toh.  He is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Feet Haven Reflexology.  We both agreed that we look familiar to each other but just couldn’t remember where we have met.  Probably back then during modelling days? Very happy to be connected.  Peeps, please support his reflexology business!

Feet Haven East Coast (Katong Branch)
#01-01, 136 East Coast Road S428821 
( opposite Bee Cheng Hiang and Glory Catering; Along same stretch of shophouses as Brotzeil Restaurant)

Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens
4A Maju Ave S556682 
( Above Cedele and opposite MyVillage Shopping Centre) 

Overall, it was a great event and yes, I got a photo taken with Mr James and Mr Syed and I got my limited edition signed copy of the book, “Singapore in the 60s”!

At the moment, there are no plans to put the books on sale but a few copies will be available in libraries and schools.  Thank god I have the book!

There will be a social media contest coming up for public to win one of the 50 books.  Do look out for the contest!

For now, I am just gonna enjoy reading my limited edition book!