Botox Injection at The Clifford Clinic

I am a very blessed girl as I have The Clifford Clinic to help me maintain a youthful appearance, even though I lead a hectic lifestyle, with many late nights.

I visited The Clifford Clinic before for fillers to make my face fuller as I had a bit of sunken temple area and also to correct a short chin. (see:

Dr Gerard Ee is a very talented aesthetic doctor and gives more than 100% in what he does.
I was so happy with the results of the fillers that I decided to go back again to do something else. 🙂

A woman will age considerably when lines start to appear around her eyes, hence taking care of the skin around the eyes is extremely important.  No one can stop the aging process, just that we can slow it down.

Besides taking good care of the skin around the eyes by applying Lumiere De Vie eye balm which is available on, I decided on a bit of botox to relax the skin around the eyes a bit so as not to stress the skin especially when I smile.

Hey, most women want to look younger than their actual age, so I guess I am not different from the rest.. hahaha!  I have never tried botox before so I was very eager to test it out and see the results.

The skin around my eyes before any botox injections were done.  My skin looked tired, with fine lines forming under the eye area… sigh.

Nowadays botox is very common, just like skin laser treatment.  You can whisk into the doctor’s clinic during lunchtime and within a few minutes, you are done.

For those who are scared of pain, do not worry at all.  Botox injections are not painful.  To me, they were more like ant bites and Dr Gerard Ee uses an ice pack to numb the area where botox would be injected so that you would not feel much of the needle going in and the ant biting sensation.

Dr Gerard Ee also used a vibrator (*blush blush) to create light movement on the face so that you wouldn’t know when the needle went in.  ok, a very innovative way of using a vibrator… hahaha!

Here we go… The first needle going in.

Dr Ee was very precise to ensure that we got the botox to the correct place.

See… I could still smile after my first needle of botox.  Now, it was time to move to the other eye.  Again, Dr Ee iced the area with the ice pack before any botox injection was done.

Again, the vibrator to the rescue… hahaha!

Preparing for the second injection.  Again, Dr Ee looked at the area to decide where would be the best place to inject the botox in before the needle went in.

The second needle was in before I even realised it.

ok, we were done.  Dr Gerard Ee mentioned that to see the effect of botox, I would need to wait patiently for 7 days.

I must say…this stuff is amazing, with no side effect as it only temporarily numbs and relaxes the facial muscles for a number of years.  In a way, you kinda ‘stop’ the ageing clock.

The lines around my eyes were not so obvious after a few weeks.

Those interested in botox injection or any skin treatment, do give The Clifford Clinic a call at +65 6532 2400.  You can also check out the clinic’s website at  It is located at:

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Make an appointment with Dr Gerard Ee and he will be able to advise you on what to do to achieve the results you want.  You can quote my name “Elaine Heng” and he might give you a discount. 😉

Elaine Heng