Boutique Preview of The Breitling Emergency II Watch on 22 Jul 2015

Was invited by a friend, Pram, to check out the new Breathing Emergency II.  As I loved to look at watches, I was extremely excited to be able to attend this preview.

I was there early so I took the opportunity to take some photos of the watches on display.

A glass of champagne to drink while walking around to admire the watches…. this is life!

I spotted a watch that I like!  COLT with the pink leather strap!  The watch face is too big though but the store supervisor said there is a smaller version.

 My makeup of the day. I love motives cosmetics from!

Look at how the Breitling Emergency II watch was being showcased during the preview from the video clip below.

 One of the two models engaged to work in this preview.  She looks like Celebrity Jay Chou’s wife though.  And….This is the Breathing Emergency II watch!

Bumped into my babe friend Cicilia at the preview.  Love her dress and bag!

The other pretty model showcasing a Breitling watch.

Guests asking the watch doctor about the Breitling Emergency II watch and examining the watch in detail.

 For me, I am more interested in this COLT but in a smaller watch face.  The pink leather strap is amazing, coupled with the diamond studded bezel!

Slightly big for my wrist but it is so cute!

 Photo with a new found friend.  She is from Korea but has been working in Singapore for many years.

Just take a look at the amazing food and wine that were served that night!

With Ben, Yacht Broker at Simpson Marine (SEA) Pte Ltd.  He spends his working hours in ONE degree 15 Marina Club… so cool!

Met other friends like, Michael, Managing Director, Strategy from Temasek Investments and Kira, Managing Director of Foxtrot Fashion House.

Every guest was given a goodie bag with Breitling watch book and a nice cap.

I love the design on the cap very much cos of the angel wings!