Cameo Appearance for Upcoming Channel 5 TV Series, Lion Moms

It has been a long time since I acted for any drama series or appeared in any TVCs.  Looking back, I think it is close to about 10-12 years.  I started doing part-time modelling since my NUS days to earn some extra pocket money and pay back my school loan.  It was fun but tiring, having to juggle between school and modelling.  Of course, there would be some who would label me as a ‘bimbo’.  I just laughed it off as I knew I was gaining a headstart in terms of work and life experience and on top of it, I would be loan free after I graduated from NUS.

I was surprised when I got a Facebook message from Regina, who works for a local production house, Ochre Pictures.  She asked me if I would be interested to video audition for a minor role as a ‘Tai Tai”(a woman with rich husband hence she does not need to work) with a 6 year old kid.  Apparently, she is my Facebook friend and saw my photos on Facebook and thought that I might be suitable for this role.  Since I didn’t have anything on that morning, I thought why not.  It would be a fun experience as it had been a while since I acted for any drama series.

I didn’t have the time to do a video audition but I forwarded her a link where I appeared on one of the infotainment shows on Channel U together with some other celebrities.  She showed the clip to her director and I was confirmed for that role later that day.  Luckily I didn’t have much lines as I don’t have much time to memorise.

Day of the Shoot

The day of the shoot was on 12 Jun and reporting time was 7am in a restaurant in Esplanade.  This was how empty Esplanade was at such early hours.

I was asked to report at Supply & Demand, a nice chillout place.

I loved the ambience of the restaurant as it looked cozy and intimate even though it was early in the morning.

The place was empty except us, the actresses and the restaurant staff.  We waited for the crew to set up the equipment for the filming.  Filming is always about waiting for your turn.  Luckily, for this role, I am only contracted to be there for 3 hrs from 7am to 10pm.

The restaurant has an alfresco rooftop bar where we did the filming.  It overlooks the beautiful Singapore River, office buildings and parts of Marina Bay Sands .  I guessed it would look even prettier at night.

My makeup of the day!

Just one of the video cameras being set up.  In fact, I didn’t know which drama series I was filming for until I asked the other two actresses who are acting alongside with me as “Tai Tai”.  I realised that it is for a upcoming Channel 5 TV series called Lion Moms, starring Bernice Liu, a Hong Kong based actress.

Meet the three main protagonists of the drama, the ‘Lion Moms”, Durrani(played by Nurul Aini), Jennifer Wong(played by Bernice Liu) and Mei Yi(played by Vanessa Vanderstraaten).  Photo taken from

 Meet my co-actress, Danielle.  She is only in her early 20s.  omg… I feel so old beside her!

Meet another of my co-actresses, Doborah.  Again, she is in her early 20s.  I think Danielle looks a bit like Jamie Yeo, while Doborah looks like Janet Aw though.  Do you think so?  

The 3 of us acted in the same scene whereby we were having drinks, chilling out together and discussing about the best enrichment classes which our kids should attend.  I think I do suit this role after all. 🙂

According to the director, our scene will be the first opening scene for episode one of Lion Moms on Channel 5.  My LV bag got a cameo appearance too… lolx.

Catch me, Danielle and Doborah in our few minutes of fame… watch out for Lion Moms showing on Channel 5 soon!