Have you ever experience a ‘Miriqa’ in your life? I did.

Being the firstborn, I became naturally the princess of the family… that was before my younger sister and brother came along. I was the precious little daughter of my parents and they would doll me up to take many cute photos. My mum always called me Snow White cos I was fair when I was young and had a bob haircut. My growing up stage was filled with fairytales of princesses being rescued by the princes.

I started my image consultancy business 14 years ago and a manicure shop 5 years after I started the consultancy business. By a stroke of fate, I met my ex hubby around the same time when I opened a manicure shop. He was really nice, always hanging out at my shop, helping out and waiting for me to knock off from work.

I thought I finally found the prince who I could count on for the rest of my life. But as time passed, many red flags started popping up which I chose to ignore, thinking that all would go away.

We got married but I filed for a divorce in 2015. It was a bitter one, making me very poor in the process till I had to stop my kids’ enrichment classes and cut down on other expenses. There were times when I could only buy one plate of noodles to be shared between me and Kaiser, so that I have enough money to buy milk powder and diapers for Rayes. I waited till Kaiser ate enough and I would take the remaining. It pained my heart so much that I couldn’t offer the best for my kids, while at the same time, I was very lost and scared. Questions like, ‘What if I couldn’t afford the apartment anymore?’, ‘What if I don’t have enough money to feed the boys?’, ‘What if I were to die in an accident? Who’s going to take care of the boys?’ etc, popped into my mind, causing me to break down every single day into buckets of endless tears.

I dragged myself to work but I couldn’t focus on growing my business and as a result, it was affected. I thought that was it and I was going to end up like this forever… wallowing in pain and suffering.

Until I found the joy of posting content on Instagram. Somehow Instagram became my ’emotional clutch’ and I stopped thinking about the past and became happy again.

Sometimes in life, certain challenges happen so that we learn to overcome them, making us more resilient and stronger.

At the core of Miriqa is a spirit of celebration – celebrating daily miracles. Miriqa is a premium beauty supplement developed using non-GMO white tomatoes, super-antioxidant olive extracts and L-Cysteine to renew and restore skin to its most natural purest beauty. It also provides excellent sun protection and skin whitening from within. It also helps to restore beautiful, healthy, radiant and a more youthful appearance.

Miriqa is 100% natural, convenient as you only need to take one capsule a day and effective as it is proven to provide effective protection from UV rays, helps skin-whitening, with anti-aging benefits.

I have been taking Miriqa consistently and I can see that it works miracles!

This was how my skin looks like before I took Miriqa.

Before taking Miriqa

This is how my skin looks like after I took Miriqa for a month plus. My pigmentation and blemishes have lightened. At the same time, my skin tone has improved and my skin feels softer and more supple.

After taking Miriqa

It is so easy to incorporate Miriqa in my daily life as I only need to take 1 capsule a day. It can be taken anytime, day or night, before or after food. I take it daily at a regular time so that I can remember to always take it.

To know more about Miriqa, check out www.miriqa.com. One box costs S$168 for a month’s supply. If you buy 3 or more boxes, it costs $138.00 / box and you enjoy free shipping for 3 boxes and more.

This is my Miriqa. How you found yours? Give yourself the power and know your own self worth while discovering your personal miracles with Miriqa.

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