Didn’t know I have a blogspot account

Woah… didn’t realise that I actually have a blogspot account until I decided to clean up my google account tis afternoon. Was trying to see who took up the url http://elaineheng.blogspot.com/ and to my surprise, I saw my own posts dated in 2005.  Gosh… I simply can’t remember it but I am very happy to be able to own this website url with my own name. 

Anyways, it was kinda fun trying to customise the look and feel of this blogspot to link with my company’s website which is the black theme.  Chose the green and blue sidebars as it goes with my company’s logo colours as well.  I’m a believer of fengshui and after a famous Taiwanese shuifu master told me what my lucky colours are, I decided to follow his advice.  Hey, I paid him quite a fair sum of money though, so might as well follow.