EMPIRE Massage Chair Review

I am so glad that I discovered EMPIRE! Check out my video where I review the EMPIRE Massage Chair.

Running around attending media events and conducting workshops for clients can be very tiring and my body and legs will ache especially if I need to stand for long hours on my high heels and EMPIRE Massage Chair is the solution to my problem.

EMPIRE offers affordable premium massage chairs for the masses from S$1,399, where usually other companies’s pricing range from S$3,000-S$5,000. It’s almost 50% lower and definitely more affordable.

The first time I used EMPIRE Massage Chair, I almost fell asleep. The experience is like having a spa in the comfort of my own home. Now I can relax without travelling out of my house for a spa experience.

It is that comfortable cos of The 10 Hands Sensation Massage. The massage chair has massagers all over – from the neck, back, hips all the way to the legs. These massagers are specially designed to give a feeling of 10 hands massaging you at the same time.

The massage chair has Whole-Body Compression Airbags which means there are compression airbags all over from shoulders, hands and all the way to calves.

Compression therapy helps to relieve fatigue, stress and pain from the body. This feels like being pressed by an actual massage therapist.

Leg & Sole Reflexology is another feature which deserved a mention. Dedicated Sole Rollers are very good for people, like me, who stand/walk for a long time during the day, as it is very ache-relieving.

I’m amazed by the Heat Therapy which is situated at the calf areas. An optimal temperature of 45° is slowly applied and it is particularly effective for muscle relief and blood circulation while delivering a warm & relaxing feeling.

Zero Gravity is a feature I am super impressed with. The chair can tilt up to 170 degrees which give people a feeling of floating in the air and relieve pressure off your spine.

The Control Pad & Display Screen allows me to toggle between 5 preset massage modes, while the manual mode allows me to fully customize the airbags and rollers.

Wrapped with High Quality PU Leather, the EMPIRE Massage Chair is built to last and withstand long years of usage while easy to maintain.

For those worried about space constraints, EMPIRE Massage Chair is designed for Singaporeans due to the Space-Saving Design. At only 70cm x 150cm, it is one of the smallest full body massage chairs in the market, unlike traditional bulky massage chairs. This will fit easily in your living or beside your bed.

Fit for Singaporean sizes, it is built to perfectly cater to the standard range of height of Singaporean men and women.

It has a modern, premium sleek design that fits into modern décor, unlike traditional old-fashioned massage chairs.

Since it’s launch, EMPIRE has proudly delivered and installed lots of massage chairs in Singaporean homes and my home is one of them!

Pricing and Availability

The EMPIRE is priced at only S$1,399 with 1-year onsite local warranty.
It is now available for purchase directly from EMPIRE at www.empire.sg.
EMPIRE Showroom is available for viewing at CT Hub, #09-19 2 Kallang Avenue Singapore 339407
Book an appointment today at https://empire.sg/pages/visit-showroom

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