Expensive but Good Japanese Food in Funan IT Mall

Had to take a bite before my training.  As I only had about 30 mins, we decided to go somewhere nearby to take a quick bite and ended up in this Japanese restaurant in Funan IT Mall.  Initially, I was drawn to the big banner outside as it stated S$1.  I thought one plate of sushi costs only S$1!!! What a bargain!  Only when we got in, I realise that one piece of sushi costs S$1 or more.

Yup, the restaurant is called Shabu Shabu… ordinary name but expensive menu.

See… I can’t even smile after looking at the pricing…hahahaha!
How is the food?? scroll down to check out the pics.
Food needs preparation, so we started off with hot green tea.
Good food needs waiting, and it took so long that we got so bored and decided to take pictures of ourselves. Shot number 1.
Shot number 2
Shot number 3.
Finally, food was served. We were sitting at the sushi bar counter and saw how each chef made the sushi with tender loving care.
Omg…scallop sushi!
Prawn sushi…delicious!
Verdict: expensive but worth the money and the wait.  Was pleasantly surprised to find such restaurants in Funan.  I could only remember one western restaurant which can make the cut as it serves nice wine and food…just couldn’t remember the name though.