Eyelash Extensions and Gelish Manicure with NailArt at Vanity by Nailz Treats on 27 Feb 2017

I count my lucky stars that I am blessed to be able to work with awesome sponsors, like the lady boss of Vanity by Nailz Treats.  She is ever ready to help me check if there are slots so that I can drop by to do my gelish manicure/pedicure with nailart.

When I called a few days back, the sweet lady boss asked me if I wanted to do do eyelash extensions as well.  Since it has been a while after I removed the previous lash extensions, I decided to go for it again.

Like my new eyelash extensions?  Read on to find out more about my experience at Vanity by Nailz Treats.

So here I was at the Bedok Mall branch.  I like coming to Vanity by Nailz Treats as the staff is so sweet and we can chat freely about anything.

Just take a look at the array of nail colours you can choose from.

And of course, my favourite spot in Vanity at Nailz Treats is definitely where the massage chairs are found… hahaha!
I love sitting on the massage chair getting a back massage while the manicurists work on my nails.

I did my eyelash extensions first before my gelish maniicure/pedicure.

Vanity by Nailz Treats has different options for you to choose from.  I always go for the 3D unlimited strands option with eyelash extensions that are shorter from the inner corner of the eyes and becoming longer when they are nearer to the outer corner of the eyes.  That way, my eyes will appear longer and more dramatic looking.  CC curl from 10 mm to 13 mm were used on my eyes to achieve the effect I wanted.

Saying bye bye to my original eyelashes.

Now take a look at the me after the eyelash extensions.

I can’t emphasize how much time I have saved from putting on makeup as I don’t need to apply my falsies now… woohoo!

Here are some tips I saw at Nailz Treats on how to take good care of your eyelash extensions.  Very thoughtful of them indeed!

It had been a while since I did my manicure hence my nails are pretty long and I asked the manicurist to cut them short as I personally prefer my nails to be shorter.

The manicurist trimmed away my dead cuticles around my nails before applying gelish top coat.

 After which the manicurist proceeded to apply coloured gelish nail polish on my nails.

Guess what nailart designs I went with this time round?

Just look at the immaculate artwork!

Loving the musical notes that were painstakingly drawn on my nails.  The manicurist was very skilful to be able to draw them on my small nails.  Thanks so much!

 A close up of the nailart design… Love the ombre colours as well!

If you are keen to do eyelash extensions and manicure/pedicure, check out any of their outlets below but please make an appointment in advance as Nailz Treats is very popular.  

Outlet 1: 
BEDOK MALL #B1-03311 New Upper Changi Road Singapore 467360Tel: 6844 9558SMS/Whats app: 97311180

Outlet 2:Vanity at Bedok Mall #B1-56311 New Upper Changi Road Singapore 467360Tel: 6385 6255SMS/Whats app: 8533 5776(Nails . Lashes . Waxing . Makeup)

Outlet 3: ONE KM Mall #02-4611 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437157Tel: 6702 2202SMS/Whats app: 9111 8123

Outlet 4: THE CLEMENTI MALL #04-143155 Commonwealth Avenue West Singapore 129588Tel: 6262 3727SMS/Whats app: 8522 6771
(Nails . Lashes . Waxing . Makeup)