Fillers for Eyebrows to Achieve a Defined Look at The Clifford Aesthetics

Fillers are amazing in sculpting a more defined look.  For me, my concerns are my eyes.  Saggy droopy eyes are the telltale signs to a person actual age.  Everyday when I look at myself in the mirror, I get really frustrated with my eyes, till I watsapped Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Aesthetics my problem and asked for an appointment to do fillers.  He immediately said, “Yes, let’s do it!” and I fixed the earliest appointment in my schedule to visit the clinic.

After a short discussion on what would work best for me, Dr Ee suggested doing brow fillers.  This was my first time hearing about brow fillers and I was a bit worried.

But Dr Ee assured me that the look would be natural and it would make my brows more prominent and lift up slightly to reduce a bit of the sagginess at the outer corners of the eyes.










Dr Ee assured me that I wouldn’t have a ‘surprised’ look even though the eyebrows would be more prominent.

The procedure was done within a minute or two.  As for the pain level, it was like ant bite.  Nothing too painful that I yelled or teared.

See how my right eyebrow ‘raised’ up a bit after the filler injection.  I already like the effect even though Dr Ee only injected the fillers on one eyebrow!  My face looked more 3D with the prominency.

Of course we needed to balance the left eyebrow so Dr Ee injected fillers on the other side as well.

in less than 2 minutes, it was done!  Afterwhich, I checked the results and I am so happy with the effect.  Even though it didn’t lift my saggy eyes by a lot, I love the fact that my face looked more 3D now.

If you are wondering which fillers Dr Ee used on me, it was Juvéderm.

Most people normally inject fillers for the undereyes, nose and lips so it is very interesting that we can also inject fillers for the eyebrows to make them more prominent and give the face a more defined look.

Check out my photos below to see how my ‘new’ eyebrows.  I am amazed by the results!

If you are keen, do contact The Clifford Aesthetics at Tel: (65) 6532 2400.  Alternatively, you can whatsapp them at : (65) 8318 6332.


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The location is super convenient and those working can just drop by during lunchtime to get ur quick fix and return back to office and no one will even know you had filler injections as there is no downtime at all.