Flowers in A Box From Floral Garage Singapore

Thinking hard what to buy for your loved ones during special occasions?  Time to think out of the box by buying a unique giftFlowers in A Box from Floral Garage Singapore!

Most of the time, people are used to receiving flowers in a bouquet, so imagine the surprise your loved ones will get when he/she receives flowers in a box.

Special thanks to Floral Garage Singapore for sending me the flowers!  

I got a pleasant surprise when I received this gift.  The flowers are super fresh and the packaging looks so elegant and classy… perfect to be displayed on my desk, dining table, coffee table, bedside table, etc.  

If the flowers were to come in a bouquet, I will have to unwrap the pretty wrapping paper and put the flowers in a vase if I want them to last longer.  I hate to unwrap bouquet of flowers as they are always so nicely wrapped up.  It just breaks my heart to do so. 

Floral Garage Singapore is a new online florist aiming not only to provide fresh and beautiful blooms, but to be a social enterprise too. It is launching several series of products with the intent to promote sincerity among consumers by allowing a very personalised touch.

Floral Garage Singapore also offers other options as well, like flowers in bouquets, hampers, gifts, flower stands, party supplies, etc.  It is almost like a one stop shop for everyone.  Check out Floral Garage Singapore to surprise your loved ones today.  Remember… you don’t need any special occasions to send someone a gift to show that you care.