[Food Review] 11-Course Dim Sum Menu at Tien Court on 3 May 2017

Nothing more satisfying than to have a meal with your loved ones so here we were at Tien Court located at the 2nd floor of Copthorne King’s Hotel to try out a 11-course dim sum menu specially curated by Tien Court.  This was also meant as an early Mother’s Day celebration for me and my mum.

Tien Court reserved a private room for us so that we could enjoy the food in a quiet and private environment.

The private room was super huge and the boys were so excited about having such a big space to ‘play’ that they started running all over the place till I had to tell them sternly to sit down… hahaha!

Tien Court has a few private rooms so if you want to do a celebration but away from the crowd in the common hall, it would be a better idea to go for the private room instead.

The room was super comfortable with warm lightings and proper cutlery specially arranged on the table before we came.

Let’s take a look at the specially curated menu… dim sum, one of my favourite type of food in this world!

Continue reading as I revealed the glorious photos of all the food that were served…


Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Crab Meat and “Dou Miao”
The colour itself was already very intriguing and after I took a bite, I was amazed that I could taste the freshness of the crab meat without the overwhelming “dou miao’ vegetable taste.  It was a well balanced execution by the chef.
Steamed Dumpling with Wild Mushrooms

Very crunchy texture in comparison with the soft skin.  I love the fact that the translucency of the skin allowed you to see the mixture of mushrooms inside the dumplings.

Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun

 Do not be deceived by the simple appearance of the bun cos it was so soft on the outside, yet so juicy on the inside.  I love this type of bun where it opens up instead of the close version.  My advice is to eat this when it is still piping hot so that you can taste the soft juicy combination.

Steamed Malay Cake

Another simple dish but again, I was impressed by that slight buttery fragrance which accompanied every bite.  It was light and fluffy as well.

Steamed Rice Roll Stuffed with Prawn

Crunchy prawns were stuffed inside to provide a wonderful contrast to the soft texture of the rice roll.  The sauce was just nicely salted to provide a balance to the overall taste.

Deep-fried Spring Roll with Golden Garden Garlic

 At first i thought, ‘What was so specially about a spring roll?’  But when I took my first bite, I was won over by the crunch of the skin, without it being too oily.  Initially both me and my mum thought that vegetables were wrapped inside but to our surprise, there were prawns inside instead.  Best part was that the prawns were not minced so that we can taste the freshness of the whole prawns.

Deep-fried Duck Meat Dumpling with Yam Paste

As a Teochew, this dish was one of my favorite.  The duck meat was soft and the net like wrapping was crispy.

Deep-fried Savoury Dumpling with Chicken Meat

Aesthetically, this dish definitely won hands down and garnered many gasps around the table.  Just look at those cuties… I didn’t bear to eat them.

Steamed Shark’s Fun Dumpling with Winter Melon in Superior Broth

My favourite dish… it was so sweet with the natural flavoring from all the ingredients.  I liked the fact that the soup was served over a warmer, so that while we were drinking the soup, it was kept warm by the tea light.

Wok-fried Fine Rice Vermicelli with Stewed Pig’s Trotter

By the time this dish was served, we were all very full but I still tried this dish and was impressed by the ‘wok hei’ taste.  Also, the restaurant used freshly stewed pig’s trotter instead of those from cans, hence the meat was soft and tender.

Chilled Cream of Mango with Pomelo and Sago

As a dessert lover, I would definitely leave space in my stomach for this traditional evergreen dessert.  Well, it didn’t fail me… I loved the sweet yet tangy flavour due to the combination of the ingredients.

My parents were heaping praises for the food served and both were so full at the end of the 11 course menu.  See my dad even showed a thumb-up for the food!

If you like to celebrate Mother’s Day at Tien Court, they have options like Mother’s Day Lunch and Mother’s Day 7-Course Set Dinner for you to choose from.

For enquiries and reservations, please call +6318 3193/198 or email tiencourt@millenniumhotels.com.

Thanks again to Tien Court and Copthorne King’s Hotel for the wonderful hosting so that our family could enjoy an awesome Mother’s Day celebration!