Food Tasting on the Latest Menu at Pizza Hut

Very honoured to be invited by Melina from Pizza Hut to try out their latest new menu.  Most of the time, when we hear of Pizza Hut, immediately we will think of pizzas and more pizzas! But I am totally blown away by their latest menu whereby Pizza Hut now offers the various categories of food, mainly soup and salad, appetisers, pasta, baked pasta and rice, entree, pizza, healthier choice, dessert, chilled beverage and hot beverage selections.  To be frank, i didn’t realise that there was a new menu until Melina contacted me.  Check out the new menu at!

Melina is the restaurant manager and her outlet is located at Blk 215, Bedok North Street 1.  It is about 7 mins walk from Bedok MRT and interchange.  This is the signage outside the Pizza Hut restaurant.  You won’t miss it.

The moment i walked into the restaurant, I felt so peaceful and relaxed.  It looked so comfortable that you just want to spend the whole day there.  There was also background music being played to enhance the relaxing atmosphere.

First up is the homestyle mushroom soup.  This is the perfect comfort food especially for cold weather.  The velvety mushroom soup goes extremely well with warm and crisp garlic bread.  OMG… what a perfect combination!

In hot weather, what is better than to order a glass of chilled beverage?  This is Strawberry Paradise.  Like a cook breeze on a sunny day, this perfect blend of freshly brewed tea, strawberry puree and passion fruit syrup is a guaranteed palate pleaser, anytime!

I love the Hut’s Platter!  It comprises of Sweet ‘N’ Spicy drumbeats, crispy tempura prawns, calamari and onion rings, served with chilli and tartar sauce.  There were actually more onion rings and drumlets, but I couldn’t resist but to eat first before taking the photo… lolx.

Next up is the star of the day… Salmon with Baked Pasta!  It consists of tender baked salmon in classic tomato sauce, served with baked cream pasta and vegetables.

Close up of the baked cream pasta.  I am a big fan of any food that is cheesy, so I am in love with this side dish… so very yummy!  The pasta is just nicely cooked with the right firmness and amount cheese and cream.

The main star of the entree is of course the salmon. So tender and healthy… who can resist it?  It just melts in the mouth.

We must have some vegetables to go with the entree.  Nicely grilled broccoli, cauliflower and carrots to complement the meal.  I feel so satisfied!

I also had a plate of Turkey Bacon Carbonara under the Hut’s recommendation list.  My god… the silky linguine is accompanied by baked turkey bacon and sautéed button mushrooms in a sea of classic cream sauce.  I polished up this plate as well.  Too delicious to resist!

Pizza Hut loves me so much that I get to take a copy of their menu home!  I keep looking at the photos of the food inside at home… makes me so hungry.

And I found out that Melina was the one who cooked those food for me in the kitchen. I felt so honoured by her kind gesture and she is such a good cook!

Me and Melina.  Thanks my dear for the kind invitation!