Free $10 Shopper Voucher and $2.99 Shipping Fee with ezbuy Prime!

We all know that online shopping is a secret to achieving huge savings and that is one of the reasons why I love to shop on Taobao.  Shopping from Taobao is cheaper because shopping directly from the country of origins helps to bypass any importers, exporters, distributors or retailers who will mark up the cost of the products if we buy from them.

Besides that, I can buy a variety of items from personal items like apparels, shoes and accessories for myself and the kids, all the way to furniture as well on Taobao.

Clothes, Shoes, Accessories for my family

In fact, I bought most of my lighting items for my new house from Taobao about 2 year ago.  The pricing of lighting items was definitely much cheaper than if I were to purchase them locally.  I managed to get them into Singapore through ezbuy, which helped to ship the items.

Why did I choose ezbuy?

At ezbuy, they will inspect the orders first to ensure that the products are correct before they are shipped to Singapore.  This is to ensure customers get the products that they want.

There is no shipping base charge and has the lowest shipping rate.  Great for people who just want to ship in small amounts of items.

ezbuy offers local customer services so that you won’t need to spend extra money calling overseas just to find out where the parcel is etc.  There are also 200+ free collection points so it is so easy to collect the items you ordered once it reaches Singapore.

Recently I got to know of an awesome service known as ezbuy Prime.  Now we can ship millions of items at only S$2.99 flat international shipping fee per checkout!  Yes, I am not joking!  you heard it right.  It is only S$2.99, regardless of the service, weight and quantity!

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So how does ezbuy Prime work?

Step 1: All you need to do is to subscribe to your Prime membership now! For a limited time only, ezbuy is offering a 30-days trial for our Prime membership at only S$9.90!  New users will need to register an ezbuy account first.

  • Shop within the amazing Prime selection specially curated for you by ezbuy team.
  • Cart out, make payment for your products and S$2.99 shipping fee.

Smile when you receive your shopping purchases knowing how much you have saved.

Share it with all your friends and family to help them save more too!

Benefits of ezbuy Prime

  • Save tons on shipping fee and this service is best for purchasing heavy stuff such as furniture.  Can you imagine?  Only S$2.99 for all your Prime orders, regardless the size, weight or quantity
  • Instant upgrade to SVIP membership to enjoy 50% savings off agent fee on Prime orders
  • Access to special deals such as promotion from USA merchandise and enjoy up to 80% off items
  • Includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchasing, Inspection and After-sales support
  • Free insurance coverage up to S$2000
If you want to enjoy the benefits stated above when you shop with Taobao, register for a free ezbuy account at to get a FREE $10 shopper voucher.  

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