Gelish Manicure with Chrome Nail Effect and Waxing at Nailz Treats on 16 Sept 2016

It has been about a month since I last visited Nailz Treats, located at Clementi Mall #04-14.  I missed the manicurists there as they are always so sweet to me when I visit them for manicure/pedicure, waxing and eyelash extensions.
Nice decor which showcases the nail polishes available

This time round, I was there for my gelish manicure and bikini waxing.

The manicurist, Nancy, meticulously trimmed my cuticles after removing my previous gelish manicure and trimming my nails to a shorter length.

Cutting dead cuticles away

 The other manicurist worked on my feet and toes simultaneously.  I love how she scrubbed all the dead skin away from the soles of my feet, while I sat in the massage chair enjoying a back massage.

Scrubbing away!

Nancy selected all the colours for my nails as we decided on chrome nails effect.  It was super exciting as it would go well with the F1 race happening in Singapore over the weekend.

All the nail polishes and add-ons to make the chrome nail polish effect
Nancy applying the base coat on my nails first.

 I was surprised that a layer of black gelish nail polish was applied and I asked Nancy why.  She told me that this would act as a base for the golden powder to sit on to produce the chrome effect.

Applying black gelish nail polish

Nancy patted the golden powder onto my nails layer by layer and that was it… the chrome nail effect was achieved.  OMG… so amazing!

Patting the golden powder onto the gelish nail polish.

 Watch my video below to see how the manicurist, Nancy created the chrome nail effect.

 Isn’t that amazing?

Working on the rest of the nails 

Nail Art Drawing on the ring finger in progress

 Take a look at the my gelish manicure with chrome nails and flower nail art.  I absolutely adore this set of nails as this is my first time trying chrome nail effect and it is so in line with the F1 theme.  It makes me want to chrome my car now… lol.

After my nails were done, I proceeded to the waxing room to get my bikini waxing done.  These are the tools, wax and soothing oils used for waxing.

As I had some stray hair on my armpits, we proceeded to remove them first.

The beautician applied the warm wax onto my armpit and waited for a while for the wax to solidify before she proceeded to pull the wax such that the hair came out too.

After waxing was done to remove my armpit hair, the beautician proceeded to do bikini waxing for me.

Overall, the pain was bearable and I didn’t scream at all.

There are a total of 4 outlets by Nailz Treats now and you can call them up to make an appointment to give your nails a special treat!  For the outlet in Clementi Mall, you can call +65 62623727 or sms +65 8522 6771.  The outlet in Clementi Mall offers manicure, pedicure, eyelash extension and waxing services.  Want to feel like a princess?  Make your appointment with Nailz Treats today!