Hairstyling at Kenjo Salon on 24 June 2016

I can’t help but sing praises of my hair sponsor, Kenjo Hair Salon, for alway being there for me whenever I need any hair services.  I remembered I texted Joseph the hair salon owner just one day before 24 June 2016 and asked if I could drop by for a hair treatment as I would be attended a Hand Over Ball organised by Entrepreneur Organisation.
When i reached Kenjo Hair Salon that day, Joseph surprised me by saying he had arranged a hairstylist who is very experienced in hair styling to style my hair…. Yippee!
As I didn’t have much time that day, I did a one step Mucota hair treatment instead of the usual 3 steps.  But I think it was already great enough to keep my hair soft and silky.
Always starting off with a hair wash
Followed by shampooing before rinsing away the shampoo.

 After applying Mucota hair treatment product onto my hair, the hair was steamed for the nutrients to be absorbed into the hair shafts.

Under the steamer for about 10 mins.

 After another run of rinsing, my wet hair was blown dried for the hair styling.

Feeling so blessed that I have two person working on my hair
The hair assistant was super cute… She did a victory hand sign for me to take a photo
Hair about to be ready

 I was trying to capture James, the hair stylist, in action.

My hair blocked him…sigh

 ok, I managed to capture a photo of James.  I must say, Kenjo Salon is made up of good looking hairstylists.  My usual assigned hair stylist, Soo Bin, was on leave together hence she couldn’t work on my hair styling.  Soo Bin is a gorgeous Korean hairstylist and the first time I met her, I was like ‘WOW… so pretty!

As Soo Bin was on leave that day, Joseph arranged for James to take over instead and oh my god… James is a good looker indeed.  He told me that he started to take up courses on hair cutting, hair styling and everything that is related to hair since age of 18 due to his interest.  Since young, he had to take care of his younger sister and he would tie her hair up nicely and he enjoyed that too.  That was why he decided to go into this trade.

 After discussion with James on the hairstyle that I preferred for that evening, we realised that both of us were thinking of going for plaits to channel a more carefree simple style instead of something over the top type of hairstyling.

And the braiding began
James’ hands are indeed nimble… I can’t do this well at all

Let’s take a look at the final result… Do you like it as much as I do?

James designed this hair style with three different braids.

Back view of the hairstyle

I definitely can’t do this hairstyle on my own
Front view of the hairstyle
A photo with the good looking James
Kenjo Salon is located at 68 Orchard Road, #04-72 Plaza Singapura (new wing).  You can also check Kenjo Salon’s website at for more information on the hair services it provides.  Kenjo Salon also has a Facebook page at살롱-293791920773570/ and an instagram account at kenjosalon where you can see photos of hairstyles created by Kenjo Salon. 
Good news… Keno Salon is now offering 15% for customers as long as you quote “ElaineHeng”.  Call +65 6238 8083 to make your appointment. 🙂