Kaiser’s Birthday Cake from Baking District on 14 Dec 2016

2016 is almost over and besides celebrating Christmas, December is extremely important as my eldest son, Kaiser’s birthday falls on 14 Dec.  He has been looking forward to this important day ever since his little brother, Rayes celebrated his birthday in Oct this year.

For this year, Kaiser requested for a different theme for his birthday cake… no longer Thomas and Friends anymore but this time round, it is Captain America theme birthday cake.  Captain America is his latest hero and thank goodness for that because for the last few years, he only wanted Thomas and Friends theme birthday cake.

The lucky boy got a cake sponsorship from Baking District this year and he got his dream come true.  

His favourite idol, Captain America!
Thanks so much Baking District for kindly sponsoring a birthday cake for Kaiser!  Baking District is run by a culinary student, Natalie, who is a self taught baker for the last 5 years.  

Not many people can run a business and study at the same time, yet Natalie is able to do so at a young age.

Baking District is on social media with IG handle @bakingdistrictzxc and www.facebook.com/bakingdistrict96 where you can view some of her masterpieces.  She can bake and customize cakes, cookies, brownies and many more yummy baked stuff so if you want to make any enquiries or orders, please text her at 9171 9014 (no calls please).
Natalie was extremely sweet that she drew a picture of the cake which she wanted to bake for , together with the Captain America fondant figurine and emailed me to see if I like it before she proceed further.  My heart was filled with so much gratefulness when I saw the picture and I knew that Kaiser would love it.
Kaiser’s first reaction when he saw the figurine was, “Hey, that’s me as Captain America!”  he was so happy when he saw the cake that he jumped up and down saying that the figurine looked just like him… lol.

When the kids saw the cake with the Captain America fondant figurine topping, all of them grasped out with excitement.
Kaiser and his friends
Me trying to light the candles

Singing birthday song for Kaiser
Kaiser making his birthday wishes

Kaiser blowing out his candles
The chocolate cake tasted awesome, with an amazingly soft sponge and smooth buttercream.  The sweetness was just nice too.  Seriously, you would go for a second helping if you tried the cake.
When I asked the kids if the cake was good, one of them said, “No, it was excellent!”  Hahaha… so cute right?  

Afterwhich, Kaiser said the cake was amazing while the other two friends said it was fantastic and nice.  Kids nowadays are so good in their English that they can use all the ‘chim’ words to describe the cake.  I was so impressed by all of them.

If you have any celebrations coming up, please kindly support Natalie in her baking business by ordering your next cake or baked stuff from her.  Remember to text her at 9171 9014 (no calls please) for enquiries or orders.

Thanks Natalie for making Kaiser happy on his birthday this year!