Launch of BALL Watch Engineer II Volcano on 29 Nov 2016

I could never imagine myself doing something which I was never professionally trained and in front of close to 100 VIP guests and numerous passerbys who were in Vivocity on 29 Nov 2016.
And what was it?
It was being the emcee infront of a large group of VIP guests for BALL Watch Engineer II Volcano VIP launch.  
It wasn’t a breeze even though I am an image consultant/trainer because being emcee is a totally different ball game.  As an emcee, I need to be able to hold the crowd, get their attention, smile constantly, think on my feet and keep everyone engaged.
Some preparatory work which I did was to know more about BALL Watch company itself, the new BALL Watch Engineer II Volcano and its specifications, rehearse the emcee script again and again so as to ensure that I didn’t mispronounce any words wrongly and lastly decide on what I should wear for the event.  
And, yes… I wasn’t trained professionally in the art of emceeing.  Hence the night before, I started praying hard that everything would go on smoothly and I would not fumble on my words… hahaha!
I got there earlier that day so as to run through the script again with the other two speakers such that everyone was aware of the sequence of the activities.
But before that, I took the chance to walk around and was super impressed with the setup of the VIP launch venue.  The atrium of Vivocity was transformed into a ‘volcanic’ environment with hues of black and red accentuating the whole setup.

At around 7pm, VIP guests and media started coming in.  That was where my heart started pumping harder.

‘Will I be able to do this?’, ‘What if I say something wrong?’, What if the audience find me boring?’

These were some of the questions which ran through my mind at that point in time.

Guests checked out BALL watch pieces even before the start of the event.

Something notable was that the food and drinks were specially curated based on the Volcano theme.  There were a few selection of cocktail drinks and guests couldn’t wait to try all of them.

Some of the guests also went around looking at the photo walls while others took the chance to check out BALL Watches to see which ones they want to purchase.

And of course, who would miss the chance of taking photos at the BALL Watch photo wall.  That’s my business partner cum luxury watch collector, Glen and his beautiful girlfriend, Mavis.  They came specially to support me.  Thanks sweeties!

I was so happy to see my friends appearing in the event to support me and BALL Watch.  Thanks so much for dear friends for coming over!

I loved how the watches were showcased during the launch which gave the guests a good view of each of the different models.

There were touches of glamor for this event with the appearances of celebrities like Ye Shi Pin, a veteran Mediacorp actor and familiar faces to many.

How could I miss out the opportunity to grab a photo with him… so I went up to him to ask for a photo and he happily obliged.

Look who else I spotted in the crowd!

Yes, it is the famous “Mr Unbelievable”, Chan Tian Wen!  He acted in many Mandarin dramas throughout the 1990s, and his film credits include the Cannes Film Festival award-winning IIo IIo.

So happy to see him and I was like an excited fan when I got the chance to take a photo with him.

ok, it was about time for me to start my emceeing duty.  I swore my heart pumped doubly hard at that moment.

Yes, that was it… smile, stand straight and let’s get the event started.

After a brief introduction of the event, I invited BALL Watch Vice President of Far East Asia, Mr. KK Kou on stage to address the audience.

Notice the glass cupboard display covered by the black cloth?  Yes, Mr Kou was about to remove the cloth to reveal the revolutionary timepiece, a new model composed of materials never before used in the world of watchmaking, the Engineer II Volcano.


For the first time in the world of watchmaking, a patented composite material made up of superimposed layers of carbon and mumetal (an alloy of nickel, iron, copper and molybdenum) is used in the watch case of the Engineer II Volcano.

The black carbon case, reminiscent of volcanic rock gives a sporty and contemporary look. The dial is predominantly slate gray, with subtle touches of lava red. The indexes, hour and minute hands are furnished with 15 tubes of luminous tritium gas, used on all BALL Watch models.
The Engineer II Volcano has a Swiss automatic movement, certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, and displays hours, minutes, seconds, day and date.

With a supreme anti-magnetic protection of up to 80,000 A/m, this watch can also withstand impacts of up to 5,000 Gs and is water-resistant to 100 meters. An anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a screw-down crown constitute the other notable features of this watch. 

The Engineer II Volcano is a phenomenal timepiece characterized by quality and excellence, and the perfect companion, for your next epic adventure!

The next speaker was Mr. David Lim, who is the latest Friend of BALL Watch – an adventurer selected for his spirit of perseverance against the odds, a man best known for leading the landmark 1st Singapore expedition to Mt Everest in 1998, and is a veteran of over 70 expeditions and climbs.

As I looked at these photos, I realised that there were so many people that evening. omg…I hope my voice sounded ok over the sound system.

Let’s play a game… can you spot me in the photo below?

After the speech, the guests enjoyed the specially curated canapes, some of which you can see below.

We also had a quiz session where BALL Watch gave out very attractive prizes to guests who answered the questions correctly.

I went around mingling with the guests and got them to participate in the quiz.  Looking at the photos, I think they had as much fun as I did.

Overall, it was an extremely wonderful first time experience being an emcee for a prestigious watch brand, BALL Watch.

At the same time, I got to know more about BALL Watch, its history, the different BALL Watch model and also, more in-depth knowledge of the latest collection, BALL Watch Engineer II Volcano.

For people who are looking for watches which are functional, practical, reliable with supreme accuracy, do check out BALL Watch collection.  I am currently the proud owner of a BALL Watch and it has never failed me.

Thanks BALL Watch for engaging me as the emcee for your VIP launch event!

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