[Lifestyle Review] MDC Digital Marketing Seminar on 10 October 2017

As a social media influencer with social media platforms like Instagram, blog and Facebook, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my social media presence through digital marketing.  At the same time, running my own business, Elaine Heng Image Consultancy and facing more competition, I personally feel that enhancing the company’s digital presence is one of the ways to go.

Thanks to Management Development and Consultancy (MDC), the Corporate Training Arm of MDIS, I had a chance to attend a full day seminar called ‘From the Present to the Future: Getting Ready for Digital Transformation’ on 10 October 2017.

(All photos courtesy of MDC)

When MDC sent over the agenda for the day, I was amazed by the depth of topics which would be covered and couldn’t wait for the day to come to learn from the various speakers.

The seminar was conducted by renowned speakers like Andrew Chow, Walter Lim, Nick Tan, Alvin Lim and Yeo Xi Wei.  Each of the speakers covered topics which they are very experienced with.

The seminar started off with getting to know one another and this was important as networking can lead to future opportunities.

The seminar started off with a welcome and opening speech by Assistant Director, Ms June Lim.

After which the first Speaker and Facilitator, Andrew Chow kickstarted with Topic 1 on Digital Marketing Strategy Overview for 2018.  He covered a total of three topics, like ‘How to be seen and searched at the right places’ and Rediscover The Lost Art of being Social in Marketing’.


Walter Lim covered the topic on ‘Choosing the Right Content and Channels’.

Nick Tan showed us how to use virtual reality tools to create immersive marketing experiences, while giving examples of how some brands went about using virtual and augmented reality.


Alvin Lim shared with us how he grew from being a blogger to running his own company, Alvinology, helping companies with online campaigns and how to use blogging as an effective marketing tool.


The final speaker, Yeo Xi Wei, showed us how to use gamification in many marketing campaigns and even in HR practices.


Overall, I gained many insights in digital marketing, be it for my own social media platforms or for my company.

One takeaway that left a strong impression in my mind was how the younger generations are using words in a different meaning. Like for example, ‘ship’ is usually used on a couple that are very suitable for each other, while ‘curve’ means to avoid that person.  I am like totally ‘amazed’ by this new vocabulary… hahahaha!  And it also means that to market to the new generation, we have to speak their language too.

Also, Andrew Chow went through how being social on social media means the following:

S- Sharing more than selling






Overall, it was a fruitful time spent at MDC learning about digital marketing.  It opened up my eyes in the sense that digital marketing comprises of more than just posting on social media.  There is a lot more thought process behind each online campaign in order to make it interesting and eye catching to fickle minded consumers of today.

The seminar ended off with a contest with attractive prizes sponsored by Andrew Chow.  Below are the lucky winners.  And guess what… I won the grand prize of all the three books!

I can’t wait to read all the three books written by Andrew Chow to improve myself.  Thanks MDC for choosing me as the winner!

For those keen to learn more, speakers like Andrew Chow, Nick Tan, Yeo Xi Wei and Walter Lim will be conducting workshops in MDC.

Andrew Chow will be conducting a two days Basic Digital Marketing workshop, one day Social Media Content Creation Masterclass, one day Social Media for Employer Branding Masterclass.

Nick Tan will be going through a two days workshop on 360 Virtual Reality, Video Marketing.

Yeo Xi Wei will also be offering a two days workshop on Gaming the System: Harnessing principles of gasification for greater learning and engagement.

Lastly, Walter Lim has a two days workshop on Measurable Content Marketing.

All these workshops are so interesting that I wish to attend all of them!

For more information on the above workshops, do visit www.mdis.edu.sg/corporate-training, email mdc@mdis.edu.sg or call (65) 6842 6666.

Happy learning!