[Media Drop/Beauty Review]Hadawaka Gel from AMPLEUR

To be frank, I used to be a skeptic when I hear of skincare products that claim to achieve multiple effects.  But this year, my opinion has changed after coming in contact with a few skincare products from Japan and Hadawaka Gel is one of them.
Hadawaka Gel is made in the lab, from AMPLEUR, by a renowned doctor.  It is sold under the cosme brand in Japan.  As it is made in a Lab, it is on a higher price range.
Hadawaka Gel from AMPLEUR







Hadawaka Gel is a multifunctional ‘Anti-aging and Brightening’ gel cream, created for protection against sun spots and wrinkles.  It has the most perfect combination of effects as these are what I want to achieve due to my age.
This product is thoughtfully designed with a small spatula hidden inside the packaging.  This way, we won’t need to use our fingers to dip into the gel at all.


Hadawaka Gel is totally free of colourants, mineral oils, alcohol and parabens.  For me, I am super scared of mineral oils as I used cleansing oil from a certain Japanese brand before and my skin broke out into pimples the new few days after using it.  I always wonder why and when I looked at the ingredients and checked them out, I found out that mineral oil will cause blockage of the pores, leading to pimples.
Alcohol is bad as well as it tends to dry the skin up, causing more problems like flaky skin, irritated skin and fine lines.
So thank goodness, Hadawaka Gel is free from such ingredients.







The main ingredients in Hadawaka Gel includes:
    Arbutin (Hydroquinone deribvative) for Brightening
    Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate for Rough skin prevention
    Emollient, squalane for Moisturize
    Hyaluronic acid Na for Water retention
    Ceramide for Support on barrier function
    Vitamin C derivative for Resilience, elasticity and firming (promotion of collagen production)
    Waltheria indica leaf extract, ferulic acid, daisy flower extract, creatinine and saxifraga stolonifera extract for Transparency
    15 amino acids(taurine, glutamic acid, serine, proline, aspartic acid, etc.) for Skin empowerment






    Chrysanthellum indicum extract (golden chamomile),vitamin E for Anti-oxidation, promote blood circulation


After cleansing my face, all I need to do is to take an appropriate amount (slightly more than an average pearl-size amount) and gently massage into my entire face from the center to the side.  If your skin is leaning more towards to the dry type, you may want to add a little extra amount.




See how glowy the skin looks after the Hadawaka Gel is applied to it.
This gel is suitable for the body too.  All you need to do is to apply it to cleansed skin after shower.  Scoop an appropriate amount and gently massage with your fingers focusing on the areas where dryness or dullness are seen.
I love Hadawaka Gel for its non-oily texture that blends into my skin smoothly without any sticky feeling.  It is absorbed by the skin quickly so for working ladies like me, I can put on my makeup immediately after using it.
The Hadawaka Gel gives my skin a brightening effect and impacts translucency to the skin.  At the same time, it also helps to prevent roughness and flaky skin, extremely suitable for mature skin like mine.  Through long term usage, I am very confident that Hadawaka Gel can help me slow down the appearance of fine lines. 
If you are keen to try The Hadawaka Gel, check it out at http://bit.ly/2sICDSQ