Media Food Tasting at TGM in Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport on 15 Dec 2016

When I received the media invite to Plaza Premium Group’s newest dining addition , TGM, which features a new concept of JAKO – a term derived from the cuisine offered: Japanese & Korean fusion, I immediately said ‘YES’ as I was curious how Japanese and Korean food can be fused together to create a spectrum of JAKO fusion while respecting the flavour, plating and ingredients.

At the same time, as I wanted to check TGM out to see if it is worthwhile spending money and time on the food if I were to travel out of Singapore from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2.  

TGM didn’t fail me.  TGM challenged the common perception of overpriced, poor quality airport food and lack of places to hang-out, and came out with quality food that is value for money while providing an alternate dining space for travellers.

You can choose to sit in the specially designed seating enclosure or at the regular tables or the counter where you can see the fresh sashimi on display while the chefs prepare the food right in front of you.

With 20 years of experience in various airport restaurants around the world with an expertise in Asian cuisines, Chef Woo Chee Kiang takes the helm at TGM. As the Head chef of Plaza Premium Group F&B operations in Singapore, he takes charge of product development and works closely with internal stakeholders and turn the passion for great cuisine in airports and concept of JAKO into reality.

Now for some food porn…

For appetizers, we had the following:
Grilled Oyster with Mentai Mayo S$24
This was my favorite amongst the appetizers.  The oysters were very fresh and succulent.  The mentai mayo went extremely well with the oysters as it provided a savoury taste to the oysters.
We also had two more appetizers as shown below.
Botan Shrimp S$14

Tuna Otoshi S$20
These ingredients for these two dishes are simply so fresh… no doubt about it.

For side dishes, we had Jap Kushi Yaki, comprising of the following:

Grilled Bacon Enoki Mushroom Roll Skewer S$9
Grilled Chicken Wings Skewer S$9
Grilled Shiitake Mushroom Skewer S$7

These grilled stuff are super yummy and since they are grilled, they are not oily at all.  My personal favourite is the grilled shiitake mushroom skewer.

Another side dish served was the Maki Mariwase.  It was very interesting because of the colourful rolls that greeted us and we wondered how the colour came about and found out that it was due to the beetroot and squid ink.

Just take a look at the photos below.  Very unique right?

California Maki S$14
Beetroot and Crab Meat Mari S$14
Squid Ink Mari S$14
  Maki Mariwase
o   California Maki: S$14
o   Beetroot and Crab Meat Mari: S$14
o   Squid Ink Mari: S$14

Diners can choose from a range of main courses like the following:

Beef Shogayaki S$22

The Korean Spicy Noodles is served in special spicy soup topped with kimchi, sausage, luncheon meat and sliced Kurobuta pork.

Korean Spicy Noodles S$16
Sashimi Jap Set S$25
Tempura Jap Set S$22
For the Salmon Butter Yaki Set, it was pan-fried salmon cooked with butter yaki sauce.  I chose this set because I love fish!

Salmon Butter Yaki S$22

And oh boy, it was done just nice… soft on the inside but crisp on the outside.  I loved the sauce too as it was sweet, salty and fragrant.

As for dessert, we had the TGM Patbingsu.

This is a great dessert for everyone as there are fruits, ice-cream and even pocky sticks and Korean-style shaved ice at the bottom.  Basically, it caters to everyone’s preferences.

Overall, it was a great media food tasting session and best of all, now I know that I can hang out here before my boarding time.

Located on Level 3 in Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport, TGM operates from 6am to 1am daily with seating capacity of about 120 people. Ala carte menu prices starts from S$6.00, reservations can be made directly with TGM through phone 6546 1928.

Give it a try if you are boarding a plane in Terminal 2.  I would definitely be back.