[Media Invite] Food tasting at Moca Cafe on 20 Jun 2016

The first time I visited Moca Cafe located 27A Loewen Road was for a KIA launch event.  The kind people from Moca Cafe invited me back for a media food tasting and enjoy the atmosphere there.

Moca Cafe at Dempsey is located amidst the green and tranquil surroundings next to the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MoCA).  As you walk towards the Cafe, you will get to see many art pieces which have been incorporated into the decor so that guests can appreciate these pieces which are placed strategically both inside and outside of the cafe.

Art pieces in Moca Cafe could serve as a starting point for our guests’ art experience where after enjoying a meal at the cafe; they can proceed to a visit of MOCA. Or the cafe can be where they extend their art tour after the museum visit, a place where they can have inviting meals with a modern Asian twist amongst well selected art pieces.

 I love the unique art pieces on display.  It impact an arty feel to the place where one can enjoy the intricacy and story behind each piece while having a relaxing lunch or dinner.

Chef Nelson was very hospitable and came over for a chit chat and showed us the plants he planted himself.  He asked if we would like to choose from the menu, any special request for food or leave it to him to decide the four courses for us.  As he is the expert, we decided to leave it to him to craft out our four course menu.

First up was the 1/4 Buratta with Sicilian Tomatoes, Mesclun Salad and sliced San Daniele Parma Ham – S$16.  I am a cheese lover so when I saw the Buratta cheese, my heart was jumping with joy!  super sweet tomatoes matched with slightly nutty flavored parma ham, together with semi-soft rich tasting burrata cheese. Washed it down with white wine, omg… Everyone should try this!

Next up was the Braised White Asparagus served with Pan fried Quail Egg in butter cheese sauce – S$15.  I have never tasted asparagus so soft and sweet before!  And the butter cheese sauce was so amazing that I can’t help but use the bread to soak up the sauce to eat.  I know as an image consultant, I shouldn’t be doing that but Chef Nelson said to give it a try and yes, I didn’t regret doing so.  It was yummy!

My plus one guest had Wagyu Oxtail Soup Braised Indonesian Style with Potatoes, Carrots, Tomatoes, Celery, Leek and Fried Shallots. Served with Jasmine Rice, Chili Padi with Kicap Manis, Lime Wedge, Japanese Cucumber and Shallots. – S$26

According to him, this was one of the best oxtail soup he had ever tasted.  Very authentic Indonesian style with the fiery chilli padi.

I had the Oven Baked Barramundi with Chanterelle Mushrooms, Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Shallots, White Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cartoccio Style) – S$30.

I was surprised that it came wrapped up like what you see in the photo below.  It upped my curiosity as to how the fish will taste like when it is baked this way.


This dish over exceeded my expectations.  At first look, it didn’t really look good but when you tasted the fish together with the soup, it was so sweet and flavorful.

Desserts always make my day.  I love the  Homemade Panna Cotta served with Seasonal Wild Berries and Fruit Coulis – S$9.  It was so smooth and when I ate it with the berries to balance out the sweetness, it was a clear winner!

 A photo with the friendly and hospitable Chef Nelson!

 Overall, it was a wonderful experience having an awesome 4 course lunch inside a glasshouse lookalike structure amidst the lushful greeneries decorated with art pieces.  Reserve your seats now by calling Moca Cafe located 27A Loewen Road at Tel:+65 6509 4730.