Media Preview of UNIQLO LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016

UNIQLO LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016

For someone like me who loves fashion and apparels, I was elated to receive the media invite to preview Uniqlo LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016 collection.  Even though Singapore does not experience the winter season, it is always interested to see the interpretation of fashion for Fall/Winter through the eyes of fashion brands.

The media preview was held in Museum of Contemporary Arts (MoCA) which is spacious with white walls and a high ceiling, which makes it easy for showcasing of the latest Uniqlo fashion designs.

With my blogger friend Shaun Ow-Yeong at the Press Preview.  Can’t wait to check out the latest collection from Uniqlo!
UNIQLO believes that individuality in fashion comes from within. It’s how you wear your clothes not the clothes themselves. So, the focus is on the wearer. The more comfortable your apparel is, the more people will want to wear it. 

The LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016 collection presents situations that are familiar to us all in daily living, with items and fashion coordination ideas that work perfectly for each occasion.

Photo with my blogger friend Shaun and all the models at the Uniqlo LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016 Press Preview



A range of quality basics that embody UNIQLO’s ongoing quest for perfection
Jeans, chino pants, cotton shirts, and knitwear are essentials for the wardrobes of everyone, everywhere. UNIQLO’s essentials allow people to express themselves naturally whenever and wherever they want to, striving for perfection in basics that match a desire for fashion that works effortlessly in all sorts of situations.


Workwear styling is becoming more versatile as work practices and environments become more diverse. Nonetheless, we should always aim to look our best. UNIQLO offers numerous items in neat and minimalist styles that complement personalities while keeping people smart and comfortable all day long.

I love how versatile the workwear range is as we can layer pieces and mix and match pieces together for different looks.


More and more people are putting in a visit to the gym, park or yoga studio before their days begin in the office or at home. They want clothing that works well all day in those situations. UNIQLO therefore has created an array of functional items that do just that- employing fabrics that either wick away sweat, dry quickly, retain or dissipate heat, block out the wind, repel water, or most importantly, are breathable and lightweight. While keeping people comfortable as they keep fit, the clothing also looks great when going out to town. Combining healthy functionality, great looks and comfort is quintessentially UNIQLO.

I have my eyes on that pink lightweight jacket and pastel purple cropped top!


The range of Fall/Winter staples such as HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down, Fleece and Cashmere work perfectly on their own for light autumn or layered up for the wintertime. Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, packing is one less thing to worry about when on the move with UNIQLO.

These models are so tall!

Checking out the winter wear for men


Comfortable clothing that enables kids to satisfy their curiosity. Kids are bundles of curiosity. They are constantly looking for things to try and have a seemingly endless appetite for adventure. UNIQLO offers an array of items to keep kids comfortable and safe as they explore everything around them. 

So cool!  I love the Playtime range cos I have two boys who are active and this range is just nice for them as it is super comfortable when they run around.
I was telling Shaun that too bad I do not have a daughter. If not, I would dress her up in this cute little grey dress 

Pretending to be kids… lol!


The Ines de La Fressange Collection is the fruit of a collaboration between a paragon of Parisian chic and UNIQLO, under the leadership of UNIQLO Design Director Naoki Takizawa. The partnership draws on Ines’ expert understanding of UNIQLO’s LifeWear concept and her keen insights into quality and fashion to enhance feminine beauty. This season’s collection offers a sophisticated blending of styles that journey beyond the boundaries of contemporary trends, in the quest to create clothing that enhances comfort and beauty and which Ines herself will be happy to wear.
The line evokes the fusion of bourgeois styles and Left Bank culture in the late 1960s that transformed fashion in Paris and around the world. 

Featuring a grey seasonal palette
The core hues for this season are grey gradations, including dark and charcoal. Coats, knits, and shirts incorporate bright blue and red accents. Augmenting Ines signature navy colour with grey adds depth to her Parisian flair.

Informed by traditional uniforms
The Fall/Winter 2016 collection features postman and hunting jackets and other items inspired by a Left Bank repurposing of traditional uniforms that highlight svelte figures. A fresh, effortless blending of the new and the conventional is perfectly in sync with Ines’ love of vintage uniforms.

Checking out the Ines de La Fressage Collection


Carine Roitfeld has greatly influenced the fashion industry as the iconic and charismatic originator and chief editor of the CR Fashion Book. This season’s collaboration between Ms. Roitfeld and UNIQLO, under the leadership of UNIQLO Design Director Naoki Takizawa, highlights a working girl’s chic aesthetic, combining high-quality fabrics and sophisticated cuts to accentuate beauty.

Outfitting the working girl
This third seasonal collaboration offers everything a busy woman needs, from knits and suits to tights, belts, and other accessories. The outerwear range features more variations in coats either with masculine tailoring or feminine cuts for waistlines and backs. The lineup also includes items with faux fur accents. All of the outerwear underscores feminine fortitude and dignity.

Complementing basic black with accent colors and prints

This season, the range employs in-trend rose pink and khaki as accents for its basic black themes. The prints feature more colour and pattern variations to complement Carine’s feminine minimalist approach to styling for busy women, including her signature leopard, tiger, and botanical motifs.

I love the leopard prints on this jacket!

So cool right?

This is another piece that I like from this range. Leather jacket that channels a mix of masculine tailoring or feminine cuts

Uniqlo U

What we wear to live it deserves more thought, more simplicity, and more care. At Uniqlo’s Paris research and development center, the global design team – led by Christophe Lemaire – is reinventing basics to be anything but basic. 

About the collection
The first Uniqlo U collection has been created with Christophe Lemaire’s dedicated Paris team and was unveiled in Paris in early July.
Uniqlo U features innovations while keeping the LifeWear philosophy of providing comfortable clothing that matches all lifestyles.

The line will launch worldwide between late September and early October 2016. 

Cheers to the launch of Uniqlo U Line!

We love the photo wall!

I strongly encourage all to check out Uniqlo Lifewear Fall/Winter 2016 collection as I am very sure there is something for everyone from the kids to adults.

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