Melilea International Annual New Year Party on 30 Jan 2016

Melilea International(S) Pte Ltd had its Annual New Year Party at Serangoon Country Club on 30 Jan 2016.  I was invited to attend as an influencer/blogger by The Influencer Network.
The company was started in 2002 by Datuk Dr Alan Wong and Datuk Dr Stella Chin, who both uphold a simple faith of leading and helping people to transform their health and beauty from inside out while achieving successful new lives.
This year, the party theme is “Care is Love” while “Transforming People’s Lives”.
The registration started at 10am and the party would start at 11am.  People started to come in before 11am to grab good seats near to the stage.

I got there around 10.50am and while people were strolling in, I quickly grabbed a photo with the cute Cai Shen Ye, 财神爷, commonly known as God of Fortune mascot.

So glad to see William, lifestyle blogger and Assistant Director of The Network Influencer and meet long time friend and lifestyle blogger, Celestia.  Of course, we got to take a group photo together with God of Fortune for good luck and HUAT AH!

MELILEA products emphasize on a comprehensive and pure organic philosophy. From farming, cultivation, research and development, production and quality control, all procedures meet the stringent requirements of 5-star organic classification.

Melilea International has also created their own range of beauty and skincare products, to achieve beauty not just internally but outside as well.

The company also set up a table so that guests can try some of the products.

The nutritious botanical powder was said to be great for people who do not like to eat vegetables.

It consisted of many types of vegetables blended together.

I tried it on its own and although I was ok with the taste of vegetable in my drink, I preferred to mix it with the Apple Orchard powder which was a blend of fruits so that it tasted fruitier.  People could also mixed it with the soya milk powder for an 3-in-1 drink.

The two emcees announced the arrival of the two founders and a lot of the guests stood up to shook hands with them.

And the party began with a dance performance!

Just look at the colourful costumes!

After the dance performance, Datuk Dr Stella Chin went on stage to update the guests on the lineup of past global corporate event highlights and corporate social responsibilities highlights in helping disabled children and senior citizens.  It was inspiring to hear Datuk Dr Stella Chin volunteering her time to care for the needy even though she is busy travelling around for work.

She had also written a book on personality and profession and hope to motivate ladies especially to achieve success on both of these factors.

The company also presented their donation os S$50,000 to NYPC (National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre) as its support in Charity to reach their love out to the needy society in Singapore.

Datuk Dr Alan Wong also did a talk on their company’s business concepts and philosophy.

Afterwhich, we were treated to another round of dance entertainment.

One of the highlights of the party would definitely be the Lion Dance performance.  Everyone was so excited when the two lions appeared.

The two founders wishing the guests a Happy Chinese New Year!

The must do event every CNY is Lo Hei!  Pardon my photo taking angles as it was simply too crowded to get close to the table.

Datuk Dr Alan Wong also gave out 福袋 for good luck and I managed to get one from him.  Guess what is inside?  🙂

Melilea produced a CNY video clip to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.  Check it out at

For more information on Melilea,  you can check Melilea’s Facebook at and their website at

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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