Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake Launch at the Roof

The second event on 1st Aug 2015 is the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake Launch at The Roof at the Chinatown Complex rooftop.  Initially, I was surprised that the event would be at the Roof at the rooftop of Chinatown Complex as I was wondering how Mercedes-Benz could bring the cars up.  When I reached there, I realised that the carpark was connected all the way to the rooftop and there was a restaurant called LePark.

At the registration counter of the CLA Shooting Brake Launch.

I got into the special guest list which entitled me to go into LePark restaurant for food and drinks, thanks to my dear friend, Harry.

Just look at the yummy food that was being served!

A photo with all my awesome friends.(From left: Harry, Sara, me, Jane, Jerome)

A photo with Luxury Lifestyle Blogger, Sara Shantelle Lim.

A photo with God of Wine, George, and Sara.

Let’s take a look at the happening event in The Roof!

There was a live band concert to entertain the guests while we all chill out.

There were many stalls set up selling their specialty items or interesting stuff.

The highlight of the evening…. The New CLA Shooting Brake!

At first, when Harry invited me to this event, I thought CLA Shooting Brake refers to the car brake… hahaha!

Just take a look at this white magnificent machine!

The CLA Shooting Brake in grey.

I still prefer the CLA Coupe though cos the CLA Shooting Brake is a bit too huge for me to drive.

Overall, it was a fun evening of catching up with friends, car viewing, food and drinks!

Elaine Heng