Midea PowerPlush Vacuum Cleaner… A Perfect Helper at Home

Cleaning up the house is always a nightmare… thanks to my two boys who likes to eat popcorn and potato chips in the living hall, especially when they have ‘movie night’, a Friday evening set aside for watching movies at home.  Luckily I discovered a saviour which can help me to speed up the process of cleaning up the house.  Take a look at Midea PowerPlush vacuum cleaner!

It comes with a wall mount for those who want to hang it against the wall. I must say Midea PowerPlush vacuum cleaner looks so sleek that it could easily be a decorative piece on the wall. For those who want to wall mount it, make sure that you choose a location near to the power outlet and locate a point high enough on the wall to allow the wand and motorised floor nozzle to hang freely.

At first i was worried that Midea PowerPlush vacuum cleaner will be difficult to assemble but after looking at the manual, I realise how easy it is. You won’t need a man to do this job at all. All you need to do is to slide the battery onto the hand vacuum until it is firmly attached. Next, slide the wand onto the hand vacuum until it clicks and push the wand into the motorised floor nozzle until it clicks.

See… I can easily assemble it without any fuss at all. I like to use Midea PowerPlush vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. All I need to do is to click the power button once to start. Using the motorised floor nozzle, I just need to glide back and forth on the area to be cleaned. By twisting my waist, I can engage the swivel function and once I am done, I will click the power button once to stop the motor.

Midea PowerPlush vacuum cleaner comes with various accessories for your different cleaning needs. The crevice tool is great for hard-to-reach areas such as corners, baseboard edges, dryer vents, chairs and sofas.

Using the brush in the 2-in-1 upholstery tool, you can vacuum blinds, vents or upholstered surfaces. The felt portion can be used to clean delicate surfaces.

You can also remove the wand and just attach the motorised floor nozzle directly to the hand vacuum and clean surface areas like stairs.

With a great helper like Midea PowerPlush vacuum cleaner, I don’t need to worry about the boys messing up the house anymore.