I have finished my post-natal massage on Sunday as I took a 7 days package.  I really missed chatting with Madam Rahimah as she is such a well mannered lady who is willing to share tips on breastfeeding and other stuff, even renovation, etc.  I admired her a lot as she stays in JB but drives over to Singapore almost everyday to work for her own business.  She is a hardworking entrepreneur and have her set her goals for the future.  How many people really plan for the future?  Most people just live their lives one day at a time.

I liked the hot pillow which she used to compliment her massage and asked her where she got it from and if there is a smaller version which I can get to place on my breasts to increase the blood circulation and pump out more breastmilk.  She told me that she got the hot pillow in JB and it is pretty difficult to get it now.  I dn’t recall seeing it in S’pore as well though.  I felt disappointed when I realised I can’t buy it in Spore.  But… Madam Rahimah was so super sweet… she said, “I will give you one as I have an extra.”  I was so happy and wanted to pay her for the pillow but she refused to accept any cash for this. This pillow is so useful unlike those hot compress which I need to boil water, then soak it before applying it on my breasts.  Hot compress loses heat very fast as well and it is too troublesome.  With this hot pillow, I can just plug in the electrical wire to heat it up without boiling water.  It is that easy!

The Amazing Hot Pillow… even my confinement nanny asked me what this is.

A red light will lit up when it is connected to a power supply.  Once the red light goes off, I can unplug the wire and use it on any parts of my body which ache.

I was surprised that Madam Rahimah’s package also comprises of a tummy binder which i am supposed to put on for at least 2 weeks.  During my previous engagement of a masseur from Origins Jamu massage, she only used the same cloth binder throughout my 7 days package and I didn’t get any tummy binder at all compared to Madam Rahimah’s package, whereby she will change the cloth binder everyday and at the end of the 7 days massage, I get to keep a brand new tummy binder.  It works the same way as the binder which I got from the hospital but this tummy binder which Madam Rahimah gave to me is much better as part of it is made of cloth unlike the hospital binder which is made of the elastic band totally which makes my skin itch.  Kudos to Madam Rahimah!

She also told me to do 2 toning exercises after 2 weeks.  She explained that post-natal massages are not meant to really tighten the loose skin but more of internal toning, push the womb back in place.  When the internal is toned, then the tummy will go down.  In fact, after my 3rd massage, my hubby was surprised to see my after birth tummy( which looks like I am 3 mths pregnant) went down considerably.  Madam Rahimah also used ginger cream for my tummy area instead of jamu paste on my 4th massage, if I can remember correctly.  Her massage techniques are also different on different days, as she did mention that 1st few days are meant for removing toxins and reduce water retention.

I think the breast massage she did was good too as I can see an increase in my milk supply.  She said that my milk ducts are more clogged up at the areola area as I didn’t massage it.  True enough… I massage that area more often after that and I do see an increase in the flow.

I can get about 90-100ml per pump now… happy but I still hope it can be improved cos it is still not enough for my baby.

As I am resorting to pumping out the milk instead of latching on directly, I find that it is a hassle to hold on to the 2 pumps when using Medela FreeStyle.  I read that Medela has a hands-free bustier which allows mummies to pump and at the same time, do their work.  This is perfect for me.  I can use my laptop to work while pumping milk at the same time!

But I couldn’t find the bustier anywhere so I decided to buy a hands-free bustier from another brand.

Hands-free Bustier which comes in 2 colours: pink and black

Cost me S$39.70 after 25% off.

This is the front where I can insert the breastshields and I dn’t need to hold on to the pumps anymore.

The adjustable bands at the back to suit any sizes.

I find it quite troublesome though to insert the breastshields everytime I need to pump but I do enjoy the freedom of being able to use my hands to do my work on the laptop.  As a working mum, I need to find all the time in the world to take care of my baby and finish my work, while keeping my elder son entertained.
Lastly, my weight is now 49.5kg… wow… 9.5kg more than my previous weight.   Hope to retain at least 4-5kg after I go back to work though.