My Love Affairs with Mr I, Mr N, Mr E and Mr S (P/S: Jack Neo not included)

This is just a tongue in cheek post title…I’m just trying to be creative.  I mean who will want to make out with “Liang Po Po” or “Liang Xi Mei”?!  Probably Wendy Chong or other nubile wanna be actresses or models who believed his sweet words of being able to make them famous.  Gosh! Wendy was only 20 when they began their love affair and Jack Neo has a daughter who is about 3 years younger than Wendy.

Seriously, how did Jack Neo manage to hide this for 2 years, especially if Wendy said that they checked into hotels, spent weekends together and called Jack Neo when he was with his wife, Irene?  Irene also said that she knew about this affair some time but kept mum about it. 

I don’t think I can be like her…keep quiet about the affair.  She still had to face the media in a press conference when the whole matter blew out of proportion, saying that she still loves Jack Neo, family, etc and etc.  Body language cannot lie… From her gesture and eye contact, her statement was more of trying to help Jack Neo gain back some of his goody image as a director who produces movies which preach about moral values and ethics.  Also, it looked like the media was the one which caused all the pain and sufferings, when all these are Jack Neo’s own doings.  Wow.. what a well crafted PR step to divert people’s attention!  The best part was when “actor” Ah Nan dashed out and shouted at the media to back away.  Everything looked like a drama scene suddenly.

Probably this is not the first time Jack Neo is having an affair but this time round, he met a formidable “opponent”, Wendy Chong, who is the kiss and tell type.  She was really daring enough to tell the media in lucid details of the love affair, without any fear of destroying her future dating and employment opportunities.  She is now famous, but for the not so good reasons. 

Conclusion: It seems like the ladies are much stronger than the man in this whole saga. 

Ok, but to my own love affairs… Not as interesting as Jack Neo’s one.

My first love was Mr N(okia).  Until today, I still kinda miss him.  I guessed that’s why people say first love is always so hard to forget.  He is not complicated and he was the IT guy back in those days.  Everyone wants to own him.

My second love was Mr E(ricsson).  I decided to grow up and find a more business looking phone when he came along.  One of the first few phones with touch screen option, with both letter and numerical keypads.  A pity he died at a young age.

My 3rd love was Mr S(amsung) with a christian name Omnia.  Actually, he was cast away by someone else.  I pitied him and took him under my care.  Cool looking but no substance.  Complicated.

I am now crazily in love with Mr I-(phone).  He looks sleek and confident, housed in a white colour suit.

Got to know him during the CNY period.  Was considering whether to get him or not as it meant having to spend money again after getting my watch.  His charm was too much for me to resist.  Took the plunge and broke off with Mr S(amsung) to date Mr I.
He looks cute from the front.
Even cuter from the back…hhmm… no.. actually, i think Daddy has the cutest bum around… hahaha!
Yeah… we look compatible together!
Luckily Selina told me to use my fingers to press the virtual keypad instead of using fingernails, which I am so used to.  Thanks, Selina!  Sweet gal who sent me encouraging message when I had a threatened miscarriage in Dec last year.  She also recommended me on where to find new attires for Mr I.  Going to dress him up soon!
Frankly speaking, I have not had the time to explore Mr I yet cos what is most important to me is are my clients’ contact details, my calendar and smses. 
ok, I also used him to watch scv, surf internet, use facebook and downloaded some apps to learn simple Japanese words.  Akachan means baby. Learnt that specially so that I can call my baby enzo, akachan enzo…hahahaha!  Going to download an app to learn simple french words, to greet the Parisians in french, when we go over in April.
Was a little bit worried when Mr I drains out of battery within 2 days.  After I posted this problem on facebook, a lot of helpful friends told me it is quite common and that my Mr I can last for 2 days is already a miracle.  Luckily, it was not the battery issue but a common characteristic.
A kiss to Mr I.  Ssshhhh….Don’t let Daddy and Enzo see this, in case they get jealous.
Don’t worry Rollie, you are still one of my fav buys, up till now.
My fav present this year, Rose Gold Blancy!
My one and only Baby Love in rose gold colour, Enzo.  His fav smelly toy, mushroom, which he bites around at home.
Not forgetting  my Sexy Love, Daddy.  He loves the rose gold and black colour watch which I bought for him 2 years ago.  So no need to get him a rollie..hahaha!  He had this look on his face cos he was feeling hungry. Brought him to Dragon Phoenix Restaurant for dinner.