My Not So Recent Online Loots

I hardly do much shopping nowadays as I have been very occupied with work.  In fact, most of my shopping loots are from overseas.  One of my fav places to shop is in HK where I can find very interesting and sometimes quirky stuff from quaint little shops in every nock and crack along the streets.  However, I won’t and will not be able to travel to HK anytime soon in the near future, hence I resorted to getting some clothes and stuff online for my Europe trip which took place end of April. 

I got to know about this website from a 93.3FM  when she mentioned about this website on air.  The website sells a variety of things from many different online stores.  It is like an online market whereby you can get to browse through different items offered by the stores.  Items range from accessories to clothings to household items and many more.  Wanted to grab a jacket and some warm leggings but was too busy to go shopping so I guess the best option is to buy online.  Managed to buy a jacket, some clothes, leggings and accessories.  To be frank, I don’t think the quality of the clothes and some of the items which the stores sell is fantastic.  I think they are more of the buy, wear a few times and throw away.  After this, I don’t think I will get anymore things from this website anymore.  But some of the items are quite interesting though.  Here are some of my fav.

This is a pink feathery hairclip. Wanted to buy the purple one but OOS.

Think I still prefer wearing it on a bun…
I think I’m a bit crazy to buy this pink ear mufflers..maybe I’m hoping that one day Singapore will snow. When that happens, then this will come into good use…hahaha!
Oopss…. not very clear..
My bling bling hoop earrings!
Somehow, I looked kinda strange with hoop earrings…maybe I’m just not used to it.
I bought other things as well but I wore them mostly during my Europe trip to London and Paris so didn’t bother to take pictures of them.  Anyways, I wouldn’t strongly recommmend this cos you have to be very good to separate the good buys from the bad since the shopping is done online and you can’t see the actual items before you make your purchase hence it is sort of a kind of gamble.