My Special Edition Montblanc Pen Flown in From New Zealand!

Was very excited to receive this from Daddy aka Jordan after he returned from his New Zealand working trip for more than a month.  Guess what is inside?
Yes!!! He bought me a montblanc pen in NZ and this pen is was part of the Ingrid Bergman La Donna series.
The “La Donna” Edition design has a refined mother of pearl style lacquer cap, featuring Ingrid Bergman’s signature and a drop-shaped amethyst on the clip.  This design was inspired by the sleek and comopolitan elegance of the late 1940s.  The design on the cap mirrors the iconic column dress with its narrow shape, richly draped fabrics and thinly pleated materials.  Ok… who exactly is Ingrid Bergman??  She was an actress who won 3 Oscars for Gaslight, Anastasia and Murder on the Orient Express.
I am really scared of using an expensive pen as I lost one montblanc before.  I even told Daddy that maybe I should just leave it inside the box and take it out to admire as and when…hahaha!