My Waxing Experience with Vanity by Nailz Treats

Those who has been following my blog would probably have read that my gelish manicure and pedicure and eyelash extension was done at Vanity by Nailz Treats, located at Bedok Mall, #B1-56.  
But do you know that Vanity by Nailz Treats also offer waxing services too?  I tried their waxing services and I was extremely impressed by it. 
This was the room which I was going to have my waxing done.  I had decided on Brazilian waxing, leg and underarm pit waxing to remove all the unwanted hair.  Very excited yet a bit worried about the pain level.  But who cares as long as I get to the hairless stage… lol. 
Being curious, I took a look at the wax with Vanity by Nailz Treats used and also ask the therapist why she had to use some many different coloured wax.  This was the information which I got:
  • Vanity by Nailz Treats only use premium quality hard wax from France
  • Long-Lasting hairlessness for up to 3 weeks with finer regrowth
  • Leaving your skin soft and smooth
The green coloured wax is for removal of thick hair.
The pink coloured wax is for removal of in growth hair.
The white coloured wax is for removal of hair in sensitive area.
The colourful bottles behind contain antiseptic solution which is applied before waxing and soothing lotion which is applied after waxing. 
I felt so blessed to be well taken care of with the comprehensive range of products.
This poster on the wall caught my attention.  Didn’t realise that you can have so many choices of shapes when it comes to waxing in that area… *ahem… hahaha!
ok… I still went for the full brazilian waxing, instead of being adventurous.
The wax got warm and fluid enough to start the process.  The therapist had to use individual stick that looked like ice cream stick to scoop a bit of the wax up.  She tested the wax on my skin to ensure that the temperature was ok for my skin, not too hot, before she started to do the waxing for my leg.
She had to look at the direction of the hair growth first, before applying the wax.  Waxing is not an easy procedure so it is best to visit a reputable salon to do this.  I strongly recommend Vanity by Nail Treats as the therapist is trained rigorously in the waxing procedure and had to go through many rounds of practising before she can work on real clients.
Was it painful?  To me, totally not at all.  Maybe I had a good threshold of pain but with the swift removal of unwanted hair by the therapist, it was a breezy thing. Pain Level: 0/5
 Take a look at my underarm hair.  I didn’t have much hair there as I had went for IPL before.  But we all know that IPL might not be permanent hard removal method as the hair may grow back again due to hormonal changes.
My clean armpit after the therapist worked her magic.  Again, I didn’t feel any pain.  Maybe it was because I didn’t have much hair there but I knew I could trust the therapist to do a good job.  Pain Level: 0/5
As for the brazilian waxing procedure… sorry, no photos were taken.  
As for pain level, I would say ‘yes’, I did feel the tugging pain at the more sensitive inner areas.  The therapist chose different coloured wax for different areas by looking at the hair growth and thickness of the hair.
Pain Level: 2.7/5.
She mentioned to me that if I continue to do brazilian waxing on a regular basis, the roots of the hair become more fine and do not grow that deep, the pain level will decrease and after a while, I won’t feel any more pain.
* That is true because on my second visit, I was surprised that I didn’t feel that much pain anymore and I screamed lesser too… lol.
Again… let me repeat… Vanity by Nailz Treats is located at Bedok Mall, #B1-56, Tel: 6385 6255.

The salon has two more outlets, Nailz Treats at Bedok Mall #B1-03, Tel: 6844 9558 and Nailz Treats at ONE KM Mall #02-46, Tel: 6702 2202.

I am totally in love with the services which Vanity by Nailz Treats offer.  Can’t wait to visit the salon again to enjoy the services like manicure, pedicure, lash extension and waxing.

Call Tel: 6385 6255 to make your appointment as they are pretty packed everyday.

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