Nuisance Call on 9 June 2010, 3.11pm

Need to document this down for police report in future. 

I received a nuisance call this afternoon and this was the conversation that transpired after I picked up my phone:-

Me: Hello

Nuisance Caller(NC): Hi…. Ermmm, is this Elaine?

Me: Yes.

NC: Hi, I’m Bernard. I’m calling to inform you that the item you reserved in our shop has arrived.

Me: Huh? What item? (I don’t remember reserving anything from any shop)

NC: Oh…vibrator.

Me: No, I didn’t reserve that. (Thinking that he called the wrong number)

Here comes the disgusting part….

NC: Would you find it offensive if I get this as a gift for you?

Me(Realising something is wrong, I started to scream at him): I DON’T UNDERSTAND….WHERE ARE YOU CALLING FROM???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guessed he must be very scared after I raised my voice and pitch and he immediately hung up.

I suspect that this idiot must have gotten my number from my company’s website and made this nuisance call as he addressed me by my name.  He used a blocked number as he thought that I can’t track him down.  But he is so wrong as I could make a police report and get the telco to track his number and this nuisance caller down very easily. 

Hence, for anyone who likes to make nuisance calls, this is a WARNING.  Don’t think that you can get away easily.  You wouldn’t want to end up like this dead insect on this badminton racket lookalike insect killer net. 

Btw, Daddy bought this from New Zealand.  It gives out an electric zap when turned on and any pests can be killed easily as they are burnt by the electricity.