OSIM Gift Sets from $68 for Christmas

I am super excited about Christmas cos it is the season where we exchange christmas gifts in parties and in offices.  Have you decided on what to get for your loved ones and friends this Christmas?  I am a practical person so when it comes to gifting, I prefer something useful too.  I happened to know that OSIM has come up with 3 bundle gifts sets to choose from and the products are premium yet affordable, especially if you do not have a ‘premium’ budget to begin with.  So why not give the gift of health this Christmas and impress the receivers with the perfect gifts?

With 3 bundle gift sets to choose from, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone – get 2 gifts of your choice for the price of 1.  Check them out here and read my blog post to see my recommendations.  Even Ah Boys to Men 4 Lieutenant Zhang Xinyi are getting something from OSIM gift sets too.  Watch the Youtube video to find out who she is buying them for!

The above OSIM Christmas Exclusive is valid from now till 31 Dec 2017.

Bundle Gift Set -Any 2 for S$68

My Recommended $68 picks – uSnooz Neck Pillow & uMask Eye Massager

This $68 Gift Set has many items which are suitable for those who are always travelling.  With the uSnooz Neck Pillow and uMask Eye Massager, your friends will love you to the moon and back when they receive these items as Christmas presents.

If you are tight on budget, you can consider the $68 OSIM Gift Set as you get to choose two items at only $68.  It is super worth it cos you can have a present each for two people.  For example one item, you can keep it for office gift exchange, the other item can be given to your boss as Christmas present.  This is what I called…1 stone kill 2 birds.

Bundle Gift Set -Any 2 for S$98

My Recommended $98 picks – uSnooz Massage Wrap & uVision Eye Massager

For those who have some extra budget and want to give something better, especially to closer friends or colleagues or loved ones, you can consider the gifts from this set.


My personal picks from this set will be uVision Eye Massager that helps to soothe tired eyes.  Great for those who are always on their mobile phones or computers for long hours.

The uSnooz Massage Wrap is a dream come true for those who wants to de-stress and improve sleep quality.  With plush microfabric and a snug memory foam fit, the uSnooz Massage Wrap envelops you completely in a wave of calming feel-good sensation.  The gentle vibrations of its massager lull people into a sense of calm and relaxation, while the plush material work its magic in providing a therapeutic touch that relaxes the mind.

Bundle Gift Set -Any 2 for S$168

My Recommended $168 picks – uMist Dream Humidifier + uGrace BF Body Composition Monitor

To further upgrade your gifts for your dearest ones around you who deserve nothing but the best, you can consider from this bundle gift set.

As always, Christmas is filled with lots of parties where food and drinks are served.  To maintain an ideal body composition for healthy living, The OSIM uGrace BF Body Composition Monitor measures:
– Body weight
– Body fat
– Body water percentage
– Muscle mass
– Bone mass
– Body mass index (BMI)
– Daily calorie estimates (kCal)

As you can see, The OSIM uGrace BF not only measures the body weight, but also produces a comprehensive analysis of the body composition to better track and achieve health targets.  This will be ideal to gift to people who are health conscious and wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The uMist Dream Humidifier is perfect for Christmas to those who have babies or for those who wants to improve their sleep quality.

Featuring Ultrasonic technology, the OSIM uMist Dream humidifier creates the ideal humidity level in the air to provide a hydrated, comfortable and healthier indoor environment for a good night’s sleep.


Oh course if you want to pamper your loved ones or even yourself, check out OSIM Christmas E-Brochure or OSIM SG Facebook page for more amazing gifts like:

Infinity Luxe which is great to pamper your parents;

uDivine Mini which is great for couples;

uDiva Classic which is just right for new homeowners;

uStiletto which is suitable for ladies and mummies;

uJolly which is good for those who wants a back massage anywhere.  In fact, I have one right at home.

Other gifts which you can consider are uSqueez Hand, uCheck 200, uScalp and uGem 2!

All these are available at all OSIM Stores, Roadshows or Online Webshop at www.OSIM.com.

So make the decision to give the gift of health this Christmas! Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a thoughtful gift for your friends and family from OSIM.