Part 1: Why I did Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery with Fat Grafting

Has any one of you contemplated on doing plastic surgery at any point in time?  I had been pondering over this for a while.

I gotta admit that I am getting old and my habit of working late into the nights is not helping me look any younger.

Everytime I stare at myself in the mirror, I can see the hollowness in my eye sockets.  At the same time, my right eyelid is more saggy than my left eyelid.  Sometimes, when my eyes get tired, I can feel myself using strength with my eye muscle to lift up my eyelid on my right eye.

Whenever I smile, the outer corner of my eyelids will droop over till my double eyelid at the outer corner is almost non-existent.


Recently when I did filming for online commercials, the makeup artistes on set would have to use eyelid tapes to balance my eyes and tape the eyelid to hold the excess sagging skin up.  Below was a photo taken after the makeup artiste tapped my eyes.
I loved how my eyes looked in the photo below.  At least I didn’t look tired and the eyes were brighter and bigger.
But the moment the eyelid tapes were removed, the eyes looked droopy again.  I guessed it is the same like when we wear push up bras, our bosom look great but when the bras go off, everything go downhill… lol.

I finally decided on Incisional Upper Blepharoplasty, or better known as Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery, to remove excess saggy skin.  And at the same time, I opted for fat grafting to fill out the hollowness of my eye socket.

After deciding on the above two plastic surgeries, I had to consider if I want to do the two surgeries in Singapore or overseas.  I know many people like to travel to Korea to do plastic surgery but I decided not to because of a few reasons:

  • I don’t want to be away from my kids since it is school holidays and I can’t afford to be away from them for a few weeks.
  • I can still work from home if I do the surgeries in Singapore.
  • Should there be any infection after the surgery, I can pick up the phone to fix an appointment to see the plastic surgeon and get the infection clean out.
  • Singapore is very strict in terms of the regulations in the aesthetic industry hence I am assured that we don’t have any unlicensed plastic surgeons performing the operations.  Should anything terrible happens, I know I can seek recourse.
  • There are like thousands of Plastic Surgery Clinics in Korea but I have no idea which clinics to choose from, their quality and standards of results.  Worse of all, if something goes wrong, I won’t know where to seek recourse.  And I can’t possibly stay in Korea just to seek recourse right?
  • Also, there is a language barrier.  Even though many clinics in Korea offer language translators, I am scared that the results which i wanted are not understood totally.
  • Lastly, I will be alone if I were to fly overseas for the plastic surgery procedures.  During the recovery stage, I think it is always better to have people around to encourage you.

Anyways, the cost of doing plastic surgery in Singapore is not too expensive.  Even though a lot of plastic surgery clinics in Korea charge around half the price in Singapore, if you factor in the airfare, accommodation, money spent on food and even hiring a translator, it will add up to almost the price of getting the surgery done in Singapore.  To save that few hundreds and risk some many uncertainties as stated above, I decided against going overseas and feel that Singapore is still the place where I will do the surgeries.

I did research online and shortlisted a few plastic surgery clinics in Singapore.  One particular clinic stood out… Shens Clinic.  The reason why it stood out was because of the Plastic Surgeon, Dr Shens himself.  I heard people mentioned about him before and that he is very famous in this industry, with many years of experience.

At the same time, when I read his credentials online, he was trained in Korea in the areas of plastic surgery!  Wow… to me, this is the best of both world… An experienced Plastic Surgeon in Singapore who was trained in Korea!

After much deliberation, I decided to go for Shens Clinic.

Shen Clinic is located in 3 Killney Road, Winsland House 1, #09-08, Singapore 239519.   It is located in Orchard area hence it is definitely convenient to go for consultations, surgeries and follow-up appointments.  I will blog more on Shens Clinic and the actual surgeries in the next blog post.  Do watch out for it.

Meanwhile,  this is my final ‘before’ photo, before any surgery at Shens Clinic was done.  It might not be very obvious in this photo but my right eyelid is definitely more droopy than the left, as confirmed by Dr Shens and all the makeup artistes who painted my face before, together with the hollowness in the eye socket.  Sigh.



Disclaimer: I am not trying to encourage people to go for plastic surgeries.  I think it is a personal choice and at my age, I am more for… Just do whatever makes me happy.  So let the mommy makeover begin!