Part 2: Incision Double Eyelid Surgery with Fat Grafting at Shens Clinic on 12 June 2017

For those who are wondering why I decided to do Incision Double Eyelid Surgery with Fat Grafting at Shens Clinic, you may want to check out my earlier blog post at
My appointment time was fixed at 12.30pm but I decided to go to Shens Clinic earlier so that I could relax and calm myself down.

There is a display counter on some of the products which Shens Clinic carries.

Dr Shens had a morning surgery operation with another client and two clients’ follow up appointments before my surgery.  Busy is a good sign as it shows that Dr Shens is in great demand.

The clinic is designed with privacy in mind.  Knowing that some clients do not want people to know that they are here for plastic surgeries, Shens Clinic designed individual pods of discussion area separated by heavy opaque curtains so that clients can talk to the consultants first and wait for their turn to see Dr Shens.

Some clients choose to sit at the sofa area near to the reception area.  It is very comfortable there as well.

Yes, the clinic was getting busy as the consultants took care of individual clients’ needs.

I had to sign two consent forms, one for the incision double eyelid surgery and one for fat grafting. The forms detailed what the surgery is about, alternative treatments, and the risks involved.

After signing the forms, a consultant went through with me throughly the medication I need to take before and after surgery.  Our discussion was inside one of the pods so it was very discrete.



She was super sweet and assuring when explaining how to take the medication.  Even though I asked questions, she was obliging and answered them patiently.

I liked the fact that the consultant explained how to take the medication before the surgery because after the surgery, I think I would be too groggy to listen and remember the instructions… hahaha!


These are the medication that were precribed to me by Dr Shens.  Don’t be alarmed by the different types of medication.  The only compulsory medication is Sinecch, which will help in reduce the swelling and bruising around the eyes.  Augmex, which is actually antibiotics, will reduce the chance of infection.  Prednisolone helps to reduce swelling and inflammation too.

Celebrex and Panadeine are pain killers but I didn’t need to take them at all as I didn’t feel any pain after the surgery.

Metoclopramide is for anti-vomiting but I didn’t suffer any side effects from the sedation hence I didn’t take it as well.

Lastly, Chlortralim is an antiseptic lotion which I need to apply on the incisional wounds to prevent infection and promote good healing of the incisional wounds.


A senior nurse took some photos of me before the actual surgery.

This way, I can do a comparision of my eyes after the surgery when they settle down the final crease positions.



You can see that my outer corners of my eyes were very droopy and sagging… sob sob sob.  That was one of the reasons why I spent money to do the surgery.



The saggy eyelids made me look so tired and sleepy… sigh.  On top of this, my eye areas were getting hollow with the loss of volume over the years, impacting an older and tired look overall.

After the photo-taking, I changed into the operating gown and Dr Shens used his tools to do some markings on my eyes.

I had a consultation with Dr Shens about one week plus before the actual surgeries took place.  His credentials were one of the reasons why I chose to do the two surgeries at Shens Clinic.  

Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu (also popularly known as Dr Shens) is a Ministry of Health accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeon. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1998. Upon completion of basic surgical training, he became a Fellow Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2002.

It was during his basic surgical training that he first exposed to the fascinating specialty of plastic surgery. He entered the advanced specialty training program in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the National University Hospital. He was also awarded the Health Manpower Development Programme Scholarship to further his training in plastic surgery and the subspecialty of Reconstructive and Aesthetic at the Hanyang University Hospital located in Korea. Dr Shens acquired many Korean surgical techniques unique to enhance the beauty of the individual. He adapted his learning and further modified to higher precision surgical skills for our local requirements.  

If anyone wants to know more about Dr Shens’ credentials, please click here to read more as I feel that it is important to know more about the Plastic Surgeon who will touch and change your face and see if he/she is qualified enough to even do it as I have heard, read and seen horrid stories about uneven eyelids after surgery, done by inexperienced Plastic Surgeons.

See… actually we don’t need to fly to Korea to do plastic surgeries as we have a local Plastic Surgeon who is trained in Korean plastic surgery techniques and have some many years of experience making people beautiful.

I was actually pretty nervous and I asked Dr Shens if I have ptosis.  He checked and confirmed that I didn’t have that… phew!

I am not sure how Dr Shens does the measurements but hey, he’s the expert so I am certain he knows how to give me the best results.

I asked for a parallel crease with 8mm width and Dr Shens checked and confirmed that it was suitable for me.


Dr Shens was very focused on doing the marking and I didn’t want to disturb him by asking too much questions.

I like the fact that Dr Shens took his time to do the markings till they were perfect, instead of rushing through this part.


Dr Shens said that he would do another round of markings when I laid down on the surgery bed again.



See how meticulous Dr Shens was in measuring the amount of skin to remove.  He asked me to open and close my eyes to check if the crease would look good.  As long as my final results look good, I didn’t mind the time used for the initial measurements.

After the markings were done, I was put under sedation.  Dr Shens also performed fat grafting to fill up the hollowness of my eye sockets and below my eyes where I lost a fair bit of volume.

After the two surgeries were done, I was waken up by the nurses and they helped me get out of the surgery bed to the recovery room.

Ok…. Below were some photos taken after the surgeries.


I actually love the clean incision lines done by Dr Shens and felt optimistic regarding the final results… yeah!

I was touching my lips as it felt numb and the nurse explained that the local anaesthesia caused the numbness but it would go away soon.

I was still feeling groggy after the sedation so pardon my sleepy face… hahaha!


The nurse showed me the amount of skin removed from my eyelids… so interesting!  I actually wanted to bring these home but it wasn’t allowed.


As I started fasting since 8am that morning, by the time the surgeries were done, I was pretty hungry.  So the nurse made some milo for me to drink while I stared at my new eyes in the mirror.

Around 3.15pm, I was ready to get up and go back home.


Want to see how my eyes recover?  Well, watch out for my next few posts on post surgery recovery.  Meanwhile, for those who are interested to find out more, Shens Clinic is located at:
Address: 3 Killney Road, Winsland House 1, #09-08, Singapore 239519.
Telephone: (65) 69044488
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