Preview of Latest Luxury Collections of Home Decor & Jewelry from Lotus Arts de Vivre on 30th June 2015

It was a privilege to attend the preview of the latest collection from Lotus Arts de Vivre, thanks to my bro, Warren.  To find out more about Lotus Arts de Vivre, do check out their website  You can see some of their products online.  I love the design of their fine jewelry as the pieces are so uniquely designed.  My favourites pieces are the dragon ring and earrings and snake collection.

Lotus Arts de Vivre is located in countries like Thailand, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Turkey, UK, USA, Russia and of course Singapore.  The preview was held at Raffles Hotel Arcade.

I was amazed at how the various pieces were on display.  Creativity at its best… Let me show you what I meant…

All these pieces are so exclusive and they do come with handsome price tags, which was why the invited guests are mostly collectors or socialites.

This is Lady Kyra, born with noble blood.  She was such a friendly lady and told me that her husband is died but she is living her life to the fullest.  I totally agree with her on that.  We don’t really need to depend on men to bring us happiness as we can be as happy as we want.  She was also extremely sweet and kept telling me that I was the best dressed lady in the house when I was just wearing my office wear there. 🙂  She was so kind to invite me to her house for a glass of champagne when I am free.

This was the outfit of the day.  Dress from NESS. Bag from Celine.

Another lady I met over.  She’s Pooja, Trends Analyst.

Photo with my bro, Warren.

Photo with Warren and Roy.

How can we ever forget Chief Operating Officer of Lotus Arts de Vivre, Nicklas von Bueren, the son of the founder.

The guests were extremely well fed that day with white and red wine and sparkling white wine and glorious food catered from Halia.  Let the photos do the talking now!

It was indeed a wonderful preview of luxurious home decor and jewelry, matched with gourmet cusine and bubbles.  Life can’t be any better than this!