Review of Botox Injection At The Clifford Clinic

Some people say that women should look their age but SORRY, I beg to differ.  Why should women look their age when we can look better than our actual age.  Nowadays, there are many ways to let us age gracefully, despite the fact that women take on some many roles in life.  Especially women who gave birth before… let’s face it, we tend to age faster due to the stress of childbirth and taking care of the children.  So I feel that there is nothing wrong seeking external help using botox injection.

I am embarking on a ‘Look Young’ project (haven’t think of a good name yet, so let’s just name it this way first… lol).  My best ‘partner in crime’ is definitely Dr Ee from The Clifford Clinic.  His magical hands has been making me look younger since I started visiting his clinic about 3 years plus ago.  Even though I am going to be one more year older soon in July, there are people who still think that I am around 26 years old…hahaha!  This is a good sign right?

Anyways, it has a long time since I do botox injection in Nov 2015.  Read my previous review here at

Both Dr Ee and I think that it is time for another round cos I felt that the lines around my eyes had increased and it was getting obvious too especially when I smiled.  In order to ease the lines and prevent the eyes from getting too crinkly at the side, Dr Ee recommended botox to ease the lines.

First, he marked the points where he would inject the botox after I discussed with him on problematic areas.

Somehow I tend to frown a lot between my brows especially when I read scripts for TVCs or video filming hence I requested some botox between my brows.

Of course the usual places for botox injection were around my eyes.

Some people may worried about the pain but seriously, I don’t think it is painful at all.  Even if you are scared of pain, there is this grey vibrator which you can use and due to the vibration when you turn it on, the pain will reduce.

Dr Ee was very careful not to inject too much botox cos we both still advocate a natural look, instead of a fixed, emotionless face.

If you are hesitant about botox cos you are scared, there is nothing to worry about.  It is safe and no downtime at all.

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