Thank goodness for LG TWINWash, I get to enjoy more me time and time with my two boys!  Most women nowadays have to juggle work and family.  For me, besides running 3 different businesses, I am also an associate lecturer in one of the Polytechnics in Singapore. As a busy single mum of two boys, I always hope to spend more time with them.

LG TWINWash helps me to cut down on my laundry time as I am able to wash two loads at the same time.  By reducing laundry burden, I can get more family time and some bonus me time as well.

How does LG TWINWash work?  Let me show you the various functions of the main washer first.


The Main Washer is meant for big loads of clothes that need faster and deeper cleaning.

LG TWINWash as a feature called TurboWash which can wash and spin a big load of laundry in under an hour.  I think this is super important as it saves electricity and water, while cutting short the time which I need to spend on laundry washing.

With two super active boys who love to run around and get dirty all over, TrueSteam technology activates Allergy Care and Steam Refresh, reducing 99.9% allergens.

LG TWINWash is also perfect for my family as it can help get rid of house dust and mites for my family’s hygiene care.  This greatly helps in Kaiser’s sinus problem.

I know how some people may feel that with a powerful washing machine, clothes may get worn out easily.  However, with the 6 Motion Direct Drive technology incorporated in LG TWINWash, it actually mimics hand washing action, giving fabrics the proper care while getting our clothes ultra clean.

I must say that LG TWINWash is so intelligent.  I love the fact that I can customise the washing cycle with a simple touch of the touchscreen buttons.

For those who are worried that for front loading washer, you can’t add any additional items once the washing cycle starts, don’t fret cos for LG TWINWash, you can add additional items into the Main Washer if you forgot about them.  Just remember not to press the Pause button but press the Add Item button instead.

There are also many different modes of washing cycles which you can choose from depending on the clothes you are washing.

Something which I have never heard of before… LG TWINWash can be connected to my mobile phone through an app call Smart ThinQ, which you can to download from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Once the washing machine is paired with the mobile phone, you can operate and monitor washing of the laundry from anywhere, anytime.  The kids said that LG TWINWash is like a robot and they were very fascinated with how it works whereas for me, no words can describe how impressed I am!


Check out the LG TWINWash Mini which is meant for small loads that need special care.

The Mini Washer is just nice for cleaning small loads as often as you want to while enjoying savings on water and electricity.

For me, what goes inside there are usually my delicates, gym wear and clothes that need special care.  The kids’ clothes, especially uniforms, go in there too as they need to wear everyday when they are going to school.

This is extremely useful for families with babies where baby detergent can be used for washing clothes in the Mini Washer while normal clothes detergent can be used for washing clothes in the Main Washer.

Oh yes, there is a child lock function on both the Main Washer and the Mini Washer so that the kids can’t play with the buttons for safety reasons, especially when I am busy doing other household chores.

With so many great useful benefits like separate wash, time saving, effective and convenient wash, and at the same time, operating and monitoring the laundry through the app, the whole family is falling in love with LG TWINWash!

Thanks LG for sponsoring the LG TWINWash!  Interested to get one for the family so that you get to save time while quality family time?  Click here to find out more about LG TWINWash!