Review of Myopilux lenses from W Optics -Myopia Control Centre

I didn’t realise Kaiser had myopia till his form teacher watsapp me to tell me that Kaiser is a big slow in terms of copying things from the board and suggested that I bring him to do an eye check up.

What is Myopia?

If someone is able to see near objects clearly but is having blurred vision, eye strain, headaches or is squinting while seeing things at a distance then, that person may have myopia.

In childhood, it usually take a progressive form that starts during the child’s growing years and worsens throughout childhood.  It usually stabilises in the mid-teens.

It is important to control the progression of myopia because:

  • Myopia worsens children’s eyesight
  • Myopia decreases children’s quality of life
  • Worsening myopia increases the risk of children suffering severe eye issues in the future, such as glaucoma and retinal detachment

Wearing glasses can be very inconvenient for a seven year old active boy but he had no choice but to wear it so that he can see clearly.  His condition on 13 Jul 2017 was:

Right Eye

Spherical       Cylindrical

 – 1.25             – 0.75

Left Eye

Spherical       Cylindrical

– 1.50              0

First Visit to W Optics -Myopia Control Centre

After I heard fromW Optics about the Myopia Control Program using Myopilux which they offer together with Essilor, I was keen to check it out.  This program is endorsed by Singapore Optometric Association and normally last aroung 6 months up to 12 months.

At the Myopia Control Centre, there is a panel of professional Optometrists who have many years of experience in managing myopia progression in children.

W Optics flagship store is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-400/401 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983.

I didn’t realise the store was so huge till I walked all the way in!

The environment was cozy and there were sofas for customers to sit down while waiting for their consultations or collect spectacles.  There were many brands of spectacle brands to choose from.  If I were there to buy one, I would be spoilt for choices.

During our first visit, an Optometrist from W Optics, Mr Chew was assigned to check Kaiser’s eyesight.  He was extremely thorough in checking and explaining the various steps in details to ascertain the results.

Kaiser also went through the colour test to make sure that he does not suffer from colour blindness.

The first consultation was very comprehensive hence do allocate enough time to sit through it.  I would say around 1.5 hrs will be sufficient.

Kaiser was asked to identify letters and numbers on a screen that that placed some distance from him.

I could tell that his myopia had increased as he was squinting to see some of the letters or numbers on the screen.

After numerous tests, Mr Chew checked the conditions of Kaiser’s eyes through a machine.

Singapore is the ‘Myopia Capital of the world” whereby 65%* of primary school students are affected.  It is a definite cause of concern as the earlier a child develops myopia, the higher the likelihood that he or she will develop severe myopia later in life.

* Source: /824

After all the necessary tests were done, it was the moment of truth.  Kaiser’s eyesight has actually deteriorated fast within a short span of 4 months… omg!

His condition as of 19 Oct 2017 was:

Right Eye

Spherical       Cylindrical

 – 2.00             – 0.75

Left Eye

Spherical       Cylindrical

– 2.75            – 0.25

Mr Chew gave me a few options and after going back home to consider the pros and cons of each options, I decided on Myopilux Max, a clinically proven most effective spectacle lens solution to control the worsening of myopia.


… How it works?

One of the key reasons of myopia progressing among children is due to the strain they put on their eyes while looking at near objects.  The more they do this, the worse the myopia gets.

Myopilux Max is a prismatic bifocal lens that has proven to work against myopia progression versus normal single vision lenses. It also helps reduce the progression of axial elongation, thereby reducing the risk factor for many eye-related diseases such as glaucoma, retinal detachment and macular degeneration. Myopilux Max offers the widest field of vision possible in an ophthalmic lens.

Myopilux Max helps correct far vision and reduces strain for near vision thereby correcting and controlling** Myopia at the same time.  It is superior to single vision lenses, which only corrects far vision without helping to reduce strain on near vision.

**Source : 2015 – Yeo et al-Myopia and effective management solutions

Myopilux Max Features

  • Myopilux® is the all-in-one, ideal treatment for children’s myopia.
  • Myopilux® helps to correct myopia, besides controlling its evolution.
  • In a 2-year study amongst 87 children aged 7 and 13, it was found that Myopilux® spectacle lenses slowed down myopia progression by up to 62%.
  • Additionally, Myopilux® Max is also a non-invasive & safe solution that has been designed for myopic children by international experts of myopia. 

Second Visit to W Optics -Myopia Control Centre

Our second visit was to collect the pair of spectacles which Kaiser chose and fitted with myopilux lenses.

The Optometrist guided both myself and Kaiser on how he should wear the spectacles properly.

She mentioned that the middle line where the lenses were joined should be in the middle of the eye pupils when we looked straight ahead.

Kaiser was super excited to collect his new pair of spectacles while I am eager to start him on this Myopia control journey with Myopilux.

Thanks W Optics for the wonderful experience!  If you are a parent whose child had myopia, then I would strongly recommend you to visit W Optics to find out more about Myopilux® and how it can benefit your child.

Apart from their flagship store in Suntec City, they do have 9 other stores in Singapore whereby you can bring your kids to make Myopia Control lenses same as Kaiser did.

Click link for store listing: