Review of novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W9

Kettles, thermal flasks and storage containers and water boilers are things of the past after I installed novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W9. My kitchen used to be cluttered with some many water appliances as I need boiling water, for example, making instant noodles and hot drinks and room temperature water for drinking purposes.

With novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W9, it is compact and give me extra space on your countertop.

At the same time, I get to enjoy quality water instantly. With a rapid boiling system and 1-touch auto dispensing option, I can dispense hot, cold and room temperature water almost instantly. This helps me to save a lot of time as I don’t need to waste time to do separate boiling, cooling and storing.

novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W9 helps me to save money by converting tap water into clean and fresh drinking water at just a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Driven by an advanced ultra-hollow membrane and a 6-step filtration system, I can choose either HydroPlus® filter for alkaline antioxidant water or HydroPure™ filter for purified energy water.

As a quick reference, below are the 2 types of personnel that should not consumed Alkaline water:

As a quick reference, below are the 2 types of personnel that may not be suitable for or require Alkaline water:

A) People on long term medication (not consume alkaline water with medication): As there are two saying, firstly alkaline water has a reduced cluster size making the water penetrate the cells in our body faster and be able to hydrate the body better than regular water. Therefore, alkaline water may boost the medication effects. Secondly If the medication is acidic, by consuming Alkaline water, it may also neutralise the medication. The user may still consume alkaline water but avoid it 3 hours before and after medication

B) Children below 4 years old: Alkaline water helps us to maintain a healthy pH level in our body (ideally 7.35-7.45 pH level). However, based on our modern diet and lifestyle, our body could be towards an acidic profile. Hence, only when the children start consuming ready food then it will be ideal for them to start on alkaline water.
For pregnant ladies, as everyone has a different body profile, you may wish to seek for your Doctor’s advice before drinking alkaline water.

novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W9 is also equipped with Advanced Ultra Germicidal Lamp for effective water disinfection.

There are six colours to choose from and I went for Divine Red as it looks outstanding against my kitchen wall.

I strongly recommend getting the novita HydroCube™ Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W9 for your home. Check it out at™-hot-cold-water-dispenser-w9?variant=28768975781948

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